How do I change my Google Chrome search settings?

Как часто бывает необходимо изменить настройки search? Users resort to events in several cases: to eliminate the consequences of malicious software or to find qualitatively new sources of information missed by another search engine. To solve this problem, it is required to do a minimum of manipulations.

Changing settings in Google Chrome

I must say that in browsers from GoogleThere are two ways to adapt the delivery of search queries. The first one allows you to change the search settings for "Google", set by default. To do this you need:

  1. In the open browser window, select the drop-down menu icon (represents three vertical dots).
  2. Select "Settings" from the list.
  3. In the sub-item "Search", click on the triangle that reveals additional possibilities.

In the drop-down list you can choose another service for finding answers.

change google search settings
If you do not find the service you need, youYou have the right to register it yourself in the program. To do this, select the "Other search engines" section, and then the window for selecting actions will be opened - creating, deleting, editing or installing the default search engine.

Reset settings and restore search

In cases where changing the search settings is notIt turns out that none of the presented methods requires resetting the settings using the special utility - chrome_cleanup_tool.exe. You can download it on the official website, where you have to accept the terms of the user agreement.

After the download is complete, the system will ask itselfdo you want to run the program - answer in the affirmative. The application will begin its work, which is to find unwanted software that does not allow to fix the existing search engine.

Upon completion of the manipulation, click"Delete". Once the process is complete, Google Chrome will open a new tab and ask for permission to reset the settings, change the default search settings. Click the "Reset" button.

Setting up a live search

To protect browser users fromunacceptable content, images of a sexual nature, as well as improve performance, you can adjust the parameters of the search engine at its discretion. To do this:

  1. On the results page of any search query, select the “Settings” item (located directly below the input window).
  2. In the drop-down list, select "Search settings".

Selecting the necessary parameters, you complete the setting.

change search settings

Here it’s easy to figure out how to change the search settings - each item has a brief description that gives the user comprehensive information about its purpose.