EBay.ru store, reviews of its customers

More and more purchases and transactionsare committed through the Internet. A user of the network can, with a couple of mouse clicks and 1-2 transactions, order from another part of the world branded shoes or spare parts for the car. Such a system of purchase and sale has a number of positive points, but there are also pitfalls: there are fake sites. When choosing a site from which you plan to make purchases, it is advisable to follow the feedback of customers who have already used this system. One of the sites that have proven themselves in the entire post-Soviet space is eBay.ru, which we will review today.

ebay ru reviews

What is

This site is a well-establisheda system through which users can easily order their goods straight from the USA without much difficulty. Any registered user can make purchases on eBay. Reviews on the site can be left only after the operation.

With this system you can orderalmost any product: auto parts, children's toys, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, electronics, watches, artwork and so on. The eBay.ru store, whose work is mostly positive, presents a wide range of services in terms of shipping and cargo insurance. The process of making an order is simplified as much as possible. Detailed instructions are presented in the pictures, all the necessary information is displayed on the screen.

reviews about ebay

Opinions of people

Now look at the other side of the siteeBay.ru. Feedback from users in this case will be the starting point. Many people are satisfied with the wide range of products presented on the site. One of the most positive moments is the price of products. After all, such a product, purchased on eBay, does not pass through intermediaries. In this regard, the price is devoid of many cheatings that are included in the cost of a similar product lying on the store counter (rent of a building, wages of workers, income - usually all this is included in the price of the goods). Very reasonable prices are one of the reasons that users give positive feedback about eBay. In addition, customers note a flexible delivery system.

purchases on ebay reviews
The user can choose one of four typesmail service on eBay.ru, reviews about which are formed on the basis of quality and speed of delivery. At the time of ordering, the buyer has the right to choose one of four eBay service packages. Each of them contains certain favorable provisions. For example, the first package includes the insurance coverage of the goods and the guarantee of the safety of the goods. The second contains a package of services responsible for the exact correspondence of the goods by color, size, packaging and so on. The third includes the services of the first two, and the fourth has everything that the system can provide. Reviews about eBay, left by persons who have already performed operations on the site, are positive. The system guarantees safe and timely delivery of the goods for which the application was issued. Another positive aspect is the ways of payment. The eBay website is one of the few who can boast of the number of payment methods accepted. The user can pay for the order with the help of a debit card, Yandex-money, WebMoney, mobile payments and so on. Thus, there are no difficulties when paying for orders on eBay.ru. Feedback is one of those key points that you should pay attention to before you apply. Remember this.