Online store vs Social networks

Social networks today are so functional thatallow you to exchange any type of information, from any device and without long authorization procedures. Photos, music, videos, messages, voice recordings - anything you can send to anyone. Not surprisingly, many individual entrepreneurs, instead of creating their own website or online store, work through VKontakte or Facebook groups. Free and simple interface - a serious reason to stop your choice on the social network. Nevertheless, the number of individual sites and online stores, supported by one person, is growing. Why is this happening and at what point does it take to think about creating your site?

The first parameter by which social networkslose to autonomous sites is design. A simple and convenient interface is not enough to advertise your products, especially if the company has reached the level when you can start talking about the brand. Recognizable brand or the famous "style of the master" oblige to have a site that is able to make an impression.

The second point is not obvious to visitors of the site,which, perhaps, it would be more convenient to use a social network, but it is very important for marketers and webmasters. This item is a promotion for which social networks do not provide any worthy opportunities. Although social promotion is able to deliver a significant amount of traffic and, as a consequence, a large number of customers, create your own site increases the potential audience by an order of magnitude.

Information Management Capabilitiesuse of their online store also bring business to a qualitatively new level. First of all, the stand-alone site makes it easier to accept orders and keep records. The development of original forms for specific goods provides, for example, automatic calculation of the number of remaining products by the database. Other graphs of the same forms serve as the basis for "goods cards", according to which buyers search and select products.

Finally, your own website is easily configurableand is expanding. You can connect to it chat, forum, any polls and forms of communication. The introduction of internal registration makes it possible to store information about customers, carry out mailings and promotions for regular customers, and do not need to write original codes - special templates in the site designer like here, already contain this functional.If you consider that nothing prevents you from adjusting the site update to other resources, it turns out that the simplicity of social networks is inferior in favor of a large number of additional options of the stand-alone site.