How to create a second account in "Instagram": detailed instructions

Today, "Instagram" is not only convenientA gadget application through which you can quickly share photos with your friends. More and more users are using it to promote their business, creativity, interesting project, to enhance personal popularity. One way or another, the need to conduct several accounts simultaneously appears for many.

How to create a second account in Instagram: step-by-step instruction

The second profile becomes necessary due to a number ofreasons: someone wants to register their own pet in a social network, someone - to spread out different photos in different accounts (home and portfolio with professors), most of them for personal and working photoblogs.

A positive answer to the question whether it is possible to createThe second account in Instagram was given in February 2016. Then the developers of the application announced this convenient feature: the ability to create multiple accounts within the same account. In other words, it became possible to switch between several profiles in the official application without leaving your main account.

So, how to create a second account in Instagram:

1. Stop on the main profile page, click the "Settings" icon ("gears" or three points, depending on the OS).P

2. Scroll through the options page to the end - there will be the necessary section "Add account".

can I create a second account in the instagram
3.Important point: the second account must already be pre-registered! Registration can be conducted from another device or exit from the main profile, register a new one, then re-enter the main "acc" and return to step 1.

4. Enter the login and password in the required boxes, then click the "Login" button.

5. By the way, when you open the "Add account" section, you can click the link "Do not have an account? Sign in" directly in the window that opens.

can not create a second account in the instagram

That's the whole answer to the question: "How to create a second account in Instagram."

Switching between accounts

Switching between profiles is quite simple:

  1. Go to your account's home page.
  2. Pay attention to the top of the page - next to your name or nick appeared now an arrow pointing down.
  3. By clicking on the arrow you will see all of your additional profiles.
  4. To go to another profile, simply click your finger on its name.
  5. Through this menu it is now also possible to add a new profile - at the bottom you will notice "+ add account".

How many accounts can I have?

To date, the policy of "Instagram"allows you to attach to one account up to five accounts (including the main one). Thus, without leaving it, in an official application, you can switch between 5 different profiles with a single click. The third, fourth, fifth can be connected in the same way as creating a second account in Instagram.

This system does not assume synchronization. That is, subscribers of the same profile see only the publications in its profile, and not all the photos and videos of your various accounts.

I can not create a second account in "Instagram"

The most common reason for such errors is a "bug"(malfunction) of the system. Try to perform the operation on another device, update the application, or reload the gadget. Often the users themselves are inconsiderate - they forget to register a new profile before adding it.

If you do not find any buttons in the application"Add account", then you have an outdated version - update "Instagram" to the latest. Also remember that for one mailbox, Facebook page, phone number, you can register only one account of this photo application.

how to create a second account in the instagram

Now you are convinced that creating additionalaccounts in the "Instagram" and switch between them is as easy as using this application. It is possible that the developers will soon introduce new tools and functions that facilitate the promotion and PR.