Site cap: where to start?

This article is specifically intended for those,who have never encountered a web design and are not familiar with how to create a hat for the site. The material details what is required to create this element. Most often, the question of how to make a headline unique, for beginners.But often such a desire appears in webmasters who create sites on the template, that is, they use frieze themes that are freely available in social networks and other resources. As you can see, even professionals sometimes want to change something or somehow stand out.

site cap

What does the cap look like?

The header for the site is usually located in thethe top of the web page. You can look at this site in different ways, but the standard forms and outlines can be found on many web resources. Often, it is the beautiful element of the title that attracts much attention. It can have both a thematic and original image or an inscription.

site cap

Main advantages

So, a beautiful hat for the site - this is an essential element in the design of each blog. This header has several advantages:

- contains company logo, logo, etc., which helps to recognize the company;

- defines the subject of the blog;

- A beautiful fragment of the title makes the resource unique and unforgettable;

- The site looks solid, you can see the hand of a professional.

Make a beautiful cap specialist can inthe shortest possible time, but for a beginner such an occupation may seem very difficult. However, creating a header for a site is one of the much needed sections in web design. If you decide to seriously engage in web construction, then in order to make content or create other graphic elements, first of all you need to master Photoshop. This is a complex program, but it is just necessary for creating websites. To quickly get acquainted with all the nuances, you need to download a video tutorial on the Internet. But sometimes it happens that there is not always free time and the desire to study a program, and there is a desire to get everything right away. It was for such people and this article was created.

creating a site header

What you need to create a header

To create a unique snippet for the titleuse the Xheader. This method will seem the most simple and understandable even for beginners, but it requires a creative approach. Having worked with this program, you will receive a cap with a high level of uniqueness. You do not even need to learn the basics of programming. Please note: Xheader can be either paid or free.

Create your own hat

To create a unique title, you canUse the tools or ready-made graphic templates offered by the program. In the free version, there are usually up to 500 different graphic options. Templates are grouped by category, and you easily pick the right topic. You can adjust the size of the site header to your own settings. Using layers will help you create graphic elements in a certain order.

site header size
The finished project is saved in XHF format, thathelps edit the file if necessary. The final version is saved in JPG format. You can preview the header in the browser. You can also edit and add many graphic elements: circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and lines, paint them in a different color and complement the transparency effect. You can insert in your template your portraits, logos, images and photos. You can also edit and add a text element, give transparency and color to the text, applying a special effect, create a shadow in the text and adjust the vertical and horizontal shift of the shadow. Thus, the header for the site can turn out to be original and interesting.

If 500 already-ready templates in the free version do not work for you, then you can purchase for 47 dollars a paid version, which contains 5000 hats with professional design.