Do you know how to make "VKontakte" repost?

In the social network "VKontakte" the wall isthe most favorite place for communication. Here you can communicate with your friends using photos, video and audio recordings. It is possible to attach a document, create a note, graffiti. The public way of communication is convenient, since friends who saw your message can share their favorite post, mark it and comment on it.

how to make a vkontakte repost

How to make a repost of "VKontakte" records from the wall of friends

To make a repost or outpost meanssend a copy of the publication from one wall to another. To share a friend's entry, you need to go to his page and select the one you want to repost. "VKontakte" allows its users to exchange notes on the wall with the help of personal messages, publications on their wall and the wall of a group or community. Thus, you create an entry on your page with the publication you copied. So, in more detail we answer the question of how to make a repost. "VKontakte", the wall with entries has the following buttons: "Comment" or "Reply", "Share", "I like". In order to share the recording, you need to click on the speaker icon, which is located at the end of the publication. After that, the window for sending the record will open. Here you need to choose the one with whom you will share a post: friends or subscribers of the community. It is possible to send a publication with a personal message and leave a comment that friends and subscribers can respond to.

tell friends in touch
"Tell friends" function in "Contact"Allows you to quickly post your friends or communities on your wall. To do this, move the mouse pointer over the "I like" mark and select the necessary action in the window that appears.

How to make "VKontakte" your posts or group publications

The wall on your page can be either public,and closed. In the "My Settings" section on the page, you can disable comments on the wall and note who can post records on it. After such changes, friends will see your publications, share them, but the answers to any entry posted by you will be visible only on their page. The wall can serve as a place for storing your favorite quotations, utterances, pictures. Here you can write down the names of books that you have decided to read, as well as mark events that you would like to attend.

reinstall vkontakte
The entries you create can be sent to the wall in the community that you are in, as well as a personal message to a friend "VKontakte" or to an e-mail.

How to make a repost of "VKontakte" on the publicationgroup or community? This is exactly the same as with the pages of friends. Choose the favorite record, then the option "Share", you are defined with the list of those who address this post, comment and send. If you choose "Share to friends", then the community entry will appear on your page.

Choose the functions you need to wall "VKontakte", share information and enjoy the communication.