How can I record a "VKontakte" entry in a group or on a wall?

Now many people are thinking how to fixrecord "VKontakte." In a group, on a personal wall or in a community - it does not matter. Today we will try to understand with you how this can be done and for what.

how to fix a vkontakte group entry


So, before thinking how to fix a record"VKontakte" in the group, let's find out why this is needed. After all, before this function was not, and users still continued to successfully use the social network.

The fact is that everything in the world is constantly evolving.Including social networks. So here the administration is trying to do everything for the sake of the convenience of its customers. After all, now the competition among the "sotsialok" is quite large. So there are different functions that help users.

Fixing a record on the wall is very convenient.Especially for groups and communities. With the help of such a record, you can easily leave an important announcement among all the other posts and not worry that it will be left without attention. So let's look at how to fix a "VKontakte" record in a group or on your wall.


So, our today's task is carried outpretty quickly and simply. A few steps are enough - and you will achieve what you want. So let's start studying the question of how to fix a record on the wall of the VKontakte community.

how to fix a record on a community wall

Everything starts from the very beginning -training. To do this, you need to find the record that you want to fix. Or, you must first write a new post. If you chose the second path, then you should think about what you want to publish. For all that, the recording can include polls, photos, videos and any other information that can be attached to the message.

Thus, when you have found or written a post, you can proceed to the next stage to learn how to fix the "VKontakte" entry in the group, namely directly to the placement.

Place the record

So, you published or found a post. The case for small: it remains only to place it and fix it. But do not be afraid. This is done in just a few mouse clicks.

First, let's see how they are placedrecords that you found. Open one or the other post. After that, look in the bottom left corner of the message: there should be written the time and date when the record was published. You need to click on it.

Before you open the record that youplanned to be published. Now find the inscription on the right side of the post. It is called - "Publish". After clicking on it, the post will be fixed. How to fix a record on the wall of a group (public page, community)? You need to have administrator rights to host.

 how to fix a record on the wall of the group's public page group

We publish fresh

And now let's discuss with you the question, howThe posts that you just wrote are placed and fixed on the community walls. As mentioned earlier, you must first create one or another entry. After that, you will have to publish it. Without this, there can not be a fixation. Therefore, keep in mind that after writing you need to click on the appropriate button.

Now pay attention to your post.It should look exactly the same as in the case of someone who has already published a record. Click on the date of placement. You will open the already familiar window. Probably, it is already clear what to do: it's enough just to click on "Lock on the community wall", then safely close the window. The recording will be fixed.

In order to unfasten it, it is necessary to dothe same points as for the fixing. Now you know how to fix a "VKontakte" record in a group or on your wall. Sometimes this is very useful.