How to change the username in the "Yandex" mail? Is it possible?

E-mail is a useful resource forwhich we can communicate with friends, send files. Yandex offers us many opportunities (Yandex Money, Disk, Search, Market, Weather, News, Pictures, Video), compared to other services. The majority of novice users choose this proven and reliable service, thanks to which it has been in the lead for many years.

How to change the username in Yandex mail

How to change the username in the "Yandex" mail?

When registering e-mail, mostpeople carelessly refers to the selection of the login. They do not take into account that it is almost impossible to replace it. The login in the mailbox shows the address that you have been e-mailed to. For example, a person lives in a house or apartment that is located on a certain street. The citizen has his own address. To make it different, you must move to another apartment. With the mailbox is the same as to change it, you need to register a new mail.

Features of changing login

Is it possible to change the login in the mail "Yandex"?This is one of the few systems where you can get another address, but it's not that simple either. How to change the username in the "Yandex" mail? In this system, too, you will need to register a new e-mail box, but you can move old letters and contacts to it.

Algorithm for changing login

can I change my login in Yandex
How to change the email login in "Yandex"? To do this, you need the Internet, and the necessary data (login and password) to enter the mailbox.

  1. In many services that allow you to createe-mail, such as, "Rambler" and Gmail, you can change your login. In the "Yandex" mail, the replacement algorithm differs from the similar action in other systems. Only in this service you can transfer the necessary contacts and old letters to the new e-mail box.
  2. Log out of your mailbox on "Yandex" andcreate a new account. To do this, you will need to click on the "Start a mailbox" button, it is on the left side of the page. Go to the newly created email box, you will find that it is empty. And how to change the username in the "Yandex" mail? In the new account, enable Mailbox from the old mailbox function. Next, you need to configure this module to access the messages that are on the old account.
  3. Now you need to configure the module.There is nothing complicated if you follow all the recommendations exactly. In the new account you need to go to "Settings", the button you can find at the top of the page. In the new tab, find the second item called "Collect mail from other boxes" and click on it.
    How to change login in Yandex mail
  4. How to change the login?In "Yandex" -mail, when you click on the link, a page will open where you will enter the name and password from the old one, and then click on the "configure" button. You go to the page where you need to configure the mailbox collection by such criteria: transfer of contacts, assignment of special letters to old letters, safety of originals of letters. You can also create a folder in which old letters will be moved. After the performed actions you will have an old account, but with a new login. If necessary, you can disable this feature. If you need to turn off the added changes, go to "Collect mail" and click the "Off" button next to your mailbox.

Algorithm for changing login in similar services

  1. In the email from Google also there isthe ability to change the address of your mailbox, as in "Yandex." You can change the login by creating a new account, at the top of the page, click on the "Register" button. When registering, you must enter the address of the box you want to transfer, the password and the required information. When you registered a new mail, go to your old account and confirm the information you provided when registering. If you fill in correctly, you will be asked to confirm the data. To do this, you will need to enter the phone number, where the message will come. You just need to enter the confirmation code and click "Continue".
    can I change my login in Yandex
  2. Now you need to go to one of the mailboxes andgo to "Account Settings". To do this, click on your name and select the desired button. In the "Multiple entry" section, edit the items that you need by checking the checkboxes.
  3. In order to save the changes, exitmail and re-enter. To make sure that everything works, click on your name and select the "Sign in another account" button. So you can easily switch between accounts without much effort.

Let's sum up the results

Now you can answer the question "How in the mailYandex change the login? ". If you really need this, use the proposed algorithm. To change the login in similar services, you must also create a new email account. In or "Rambler" replacement algorithms may be slightly different. In order that you no longer needed to change the address of your mailbox, think over immediately a laconic, memorable and beautiful login.