Can I make money on the Internet? "My Opinion": feedback about the project

Every day on the Internet there are newways to earn. Some require special skills and professional knowledge in any field. But there are some types of earnings, for which you only need a gadget with a network outlet.

These types of online work include clicks,earnings on Captcha and filling out questionnaires for money. And if the first two allow you to earn only to pay for cellular services, then a paid questionnaire brings more tangible profits. One of such projects, which managed to win the trust of users - is the site "My Opinion". Feedback about the project is the most positive, so you should get acquainted with the questionnaire in more detail.

Polls for money

If someone remembers, previously specially hired people stopped passers-by on the street and asked to take part in a sociological survey. An answer was a small gift - a pen or a notebook.

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With the development of digital technology, this processsimplified and automated. Now the questionnaires can be filled without leaving their home and receive remuneration on their account. Sites-questionnaires on the Internet are dozens, unfortunately, not all of them can be safely called reliable.

The project "The "managed to win the trust of the participants for years of conscientious work, therefore, the affiliated site of" Questionnaire "-" My "- with confidence began to gain popularity as an additional source of money from the network. Reviews about the project" My "characterize the site as convenient, simple and effective from the point of view of profitability.

New paid surveys "My Opinion". Overview

"My opinion" is a marketing project thatpays points to participants for completing the questionnaires. Polls are for residents of Russia and the near abroad - Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus. The site positions itself as a source of additional income and a way of obtaining information about novelties of goods and services.

How to participate in surveys?

First of all, you need to register forsite and fill out the profile. In personal data, various information about the questionnaire is indicated, referring to many spheres of his life - work, study, entertainment. Be sure to indicate the actual marital status, age and sex, also need to check the correctness of writing contacts.

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Filling the profile should pay special attention,in the future it will affect the frequency of new profiles from the partners of the site "My Opinion". Feedback about the project argue that the polls begin to arrive almost immediately. In the questionnaire, you must answer a few questions at once. They may seem strange, but the first questions determine who belongs to the group that interests the customers.

How can I spend points?

In "" there is a reward in the form of points, which can be spent in three ways. None of them suggests withdrawal of rubles in cash to a bank card or electronic wallet.

The first way is to exchange points for goods fromof the "My Opinion" catalog. Feedback about the project suggests that the partners took care of filling the catalog. Thousands of all kinds of goods - from office pens to courses in foreign languages, all at an affordable price - from 1000 points.

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The second method is the purchase of certificates for a discount in the online shops of partners.

Also, the administration suggests that users of the site take part in charity. Accumulated points can be spent on good deeds.

Why do not they come?

Every day on the site there are new profiles frompartners of the project "My Opinion". Feedback from users often indicates rare offers to participate in the survey. Why is this happening?

It's all about the appointment of the survey.The task of marketers is to find out the opinion of a potential consumer about a product or service. As you know, every product has its own target audience. There is nothing surprising in that the company that is the customer of the survey is interested in a group of people of a particular age, gender and social belonging.

However, reviews about the site "My "by the regular participants talk about the enviable regularity of the new questionnaires, because the project works with a lot of partners in the form of large companies.In this case, it is possible to judge the incorrectly filled data of the surveyed.The organizers of the project themselves say that an incomplete profile or an incorrect e-mail often becomes the reason that the questionnaires do not come "to the address."

How else can I earn money on the project?

In addition to the standard way of earning on polls,registered members of the site are encouraged to receive additional income through mini-questionnaires and surveys. As in any other form of online earnings, the "bring a friend" system is actively supported here. For this simple action, bonuses are also credited.

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Users can use the servicespartners of the project and not only for the exchange of points for bonuses. Even after registration on the questionnaire, you can buy any goods in the online stores of sponsors. When you buy a bonus is only a member of the service "My Opinion." Feedback on the project from the consumers confirm that each purchase on the card returns a kind of cache-back in the form of scores of the questionnaire itself.