«Compare Polls»: reviews. Does the site pay?

Today we will find out what service is getting "ComparePolls »reviews. In general, with every day you can meet more and more opinions about it. Only here is not everywhere there is useful and truthful information about the service. But somehow you need to draw conclusions so as not to be deceived. So it's worth taking a good look at all that was said. Only then can you decide whether to join the project or not. It is possible that "Compare Polls", the reviews of which are presented today to our attention, do pay good money. And there is no guarantee that we are not facing another scam or divorce.

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Earnings on polls

The first thing you need to find out:but is it possible to make money with answers to various questions? After questioning is a very common and useful activity. Not the fact that it is free. Generally, earnings on paid surveys are absolutely real. Now on the Internet you can meet a lot of proposals for this direction. Some, of course, deceive, but some do allow you to make a profit. So, "Compare Polls" reviews earns in this sense positive. After all, the service offers a real way to earn money online.

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To start working with the project, you only needone is to go through a small registration process. After that you can fill out questionnaires on different subjects and get money for them. Nothing difficult. The main advantage underscored by users is that "Compare Polls" is completely free. Many analogs often require a nominal fee for registration. But here it is completely absent. Nobody commits anything to anything. They wanted to work - they passed registration and problems were solved. Tired? Forgot the address of the service and just do not return to it.

Registration for "Compare Polls" takes onlyA couple of minutes. There is no need to mention a lot of contact information, only initials, as well as an email address. It's all. In occasion of this, the reviews only please. Users note: the less hassle, the better!

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Reviews about the site «Compare Polls.ru "are left different. And to understand quickly what the project is, it is rather difficult. Particular attention is paid here to earnings. After all, initially the user is registered to receive income for completing the questionnaires. And the first unpleasant moment is that the gold mountains promise you. Like, this is easy money, which can be turned into cash! But in fact it is not. No money - only special bonuses. They, in turn, are exchanged or for some goods from companies, or for money.

So, in fact, money is notare paid. Only some strange bonuses. This is distressing. After all, you initially want to receive money, and then spend it the way your heart desires. Nevertheless, some bonus system suits. Yes, and converting these into money, too, is found, though not on an ongoing basis.


What else do users pay attention to?"Compare Polls"? Reviews about the site, or rather, about its appearance, there are not the best. It's all about what the service looks like, to put it mildly, not very well. Rather, when creating this, special templates were used. Take a good look. It is possible that you have already encountered similar questionnaires, only the names and creators were different.

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The credibility of users to the site is small.Especially it falls after receiving information about the operation of the bonus system - in fact, without cash payments. In principle, even the very simplicity of the design already now can lead to the thought that before us the most common fraud and scam. Do not rush to conclusions. It is better to see what other "Compare Polls" reviews about their work gets. Maybe it's not as bad as it seems?


Not really.In fact, our current service among real users does not collect the best opinions. Rather, they are negative. And "Compare Polls" reviews earns directly for the survey. What is the problem? The fact that very often you simply do not fit the criteria for payment. That is, for a certain number of questions in the questionnaire are answered (the process will take about 15 minutes), and then you see the message in the series "Sorry, you do not fit us". And no bonuses, and even more money you will not see. After all, as practice shows, payment is made for a full test.

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It turns out that you are collecting some free of chargeintelligence. "Compare Polls.ru" reviews for it gets negative. It is likely that the collected data is then resold or used for other commercial purposes. It's only guesswork, but the fact remains that there is no trust in the service. And you can not believe those who talk about high earnings here. Rather, before us is the most common deceit that is spread on the Internet.

Eternal praise

But whence then it is possible to meet so muchpositive opinions? If you look for information about what the "Compare Polls" reviews are, whether the site pays, whether it is possible to make a profit here, then you will definitely see that this is a great way to earn money. Despite the fact that there is an incomprehensible scoring system. Of course, they keep silent about it. In addition, the page itself does not cause trust.

How can you call such a phenomenon?Divorce, deceit, scam - as you please. In any case, numerous positive feedback about the service - this is nothing like the most common illusion. Some are paid for writing enthusiastic posts about the service. This practice is found everywhere.

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Note:you will not find any essential information about the work on the "Compare Polls". But praise on the topic of high, and in monetary terms (which, as we have already found, is really missing) is complete. Minimal advantage - maximum advertising.

Evidence in the form of screenshots and videosbelieve, too, should not. This is a forgery that any beginner user can create. Thus, the real opinions of users about "Compare Polls" are not encouraging. They indicate that there is no need to contact the project. Unless to kill time, to suffer nonsense.


What can be summed up?"Compare Polls" - this is not the kind of earnings. With this service, you will only lose time and energy, help scammers cash in on collecting data about you. The project does not pay, moreover, even bonuses can not be spent in any way. All this is an illusion.

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Most likely, "Compare Polls" was created formass gathering of information about users. The questionnaires, even the smallest ones, are then resold for a lot of money. In general, our today's service is bypassed by all means. Work on it - just lose time, strength and nerves. It is better to choose another way to earn money on the Internet.