How to write "Direct" in "Instagram"? Abolition of publicity

"Instagram" is also a social media site, andAt the same time, it's a convenient application, with which you can send a photo or video to other users. All media, laid out by you, instantly becomes available to a wide audience, especially if you have an unclosed profile. Find your photo by the hashtag and description. For your reference: a hashtag is a special sign that is placed before the word, it looks like this: #. And what if I want to share a beautiful picture with only a limited group of people? Maybe it's a photo of the documents or the first pictures of your baby. Do not put them in a general tape! To help you this instruction was created on how to write "Direct" in "Instagram".

what does it mean to write to direct in instagram

In this material, data are collected in order tolearn not only to send media content to a certain circle of users, but also to conduct "closed" correspondence. Very convenient function, especially for those who are called the fashionable word "instamograph". That is, people who can not live without sharing their video or a picture of their daily lives with their friends.

So, the first step

Let's look at how to write in"Direct Instagram" from "Android". First of all you have to choose what exactly you are going to send. And remember where the image is stored - in the smartphone itself or on the flash card. If you want to send a new picture, then do it. In order to begin to correspond in Direct Instagram, you need to open the application itself, turn on the news feed (button with the image of the house) and click on the touch button in the upper right corner (it looks like an open box), which means - write in " Direct "in the" Instagram ". The photo of the desired button is on the picture below.

how to write direct in instagram

Step two - add an image

To better understand the new function and understandnot only how to write "Direct" in "Instagram", but also what for in general it is necessary, imagine a situation. You walk around the city, stop near the girl's house and want to invite her.

What are you doing?As mentioned above - go to "Direct". Now you need to add a photo: for this click on the button with the plus sign. On your device will open the camera, move it to the object you are interested in and press the shutter button. For example, take a picture of a nearby cafe or make a selfie on its background. In general, make such a picture, which is sure to interest the person. After you take a picture, you can process the picture the way you like. For images sent to "Direct", all the same filters and effects are available, as for common photos. The image can be cropped if required.

what does it mean to write to direct in the instagram

Final stage - send a message

To deliver a message to the recipient, which meanswrite in "Direct Instagram", click the button with the inscription "Next". Now you can add an inscription to the image - any text - it will be visible only to the recipient of the photo. To send a picture, you need to fill in the "To whom?" Field. It introduces the name of the profile, but if you can not remember how your girlfriend verbally calls himself in Instagram, look through the search form by the user's name or surname. To mark that this is the person to whom the message is addressed, put a cross in front of his photo and name. If you frequently use this function, in due course you will get a button like "Recommended", this list will show the accounts of those who also know how to write "Direct" in "Instagram", and with whom you correspond more often Total.

What will the recipient see?

how to write in the direct program with android

After sending the message "Instagram" will throwYou are on the page where your dialogue with the interlocutor is displayed. To see what he said to you, just click on the active field. If the user you wrote to, also knows how to write to "Direct" in "Instagram", then he will surely answer you. Developers have a quick answer key: on the screen, the recipient's button "Answer the answer" is displayed. Of course, the answer is also a photo.

What is “Direct” in business for?

Many people doing business on the web or inreal life, promote their products through Instagram. The new service - "Direct" - allows you to send photos with advertising to a certain circle of people, depending on their age data, preferences, etc. To do this, you first need to study the audience accounts and instructions on how to write "Direct" in Instagram.