Website "Recommended ru": feedback on earnings on the site

Today we have to find out what is left ofrecommendations. In general, this resource is extremely popular on the World Wide Web. But is there really any sense from him? Especially when it comes to earnings on the Internet. What can this site offer its users to keep more of the audience? Let's try to understand all this as soon as possible. After all, the testimonials of the "Recommendations" about these or other products are not without reason won fairly good ratings among people.

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The basis

Passive earnings are good.Even better, when you can get it using the Internet. Yes, and constantly. And without unnecessary hassle. In "Recommendations." Reviews in most cases emphasize this particular feature. That is, if you decide to become a member of the resource, you will have the opportunity to receive passive earnings.

But is it really so?In reality, virtual earnings are a very delicate matter, which requires us to pay close attention. Especially if you have to register on some slightly suspicious resources. Among these, it is sometimes referred to as "Recommendations." Reviews about everything - this is what this site contains. But where does the earnings on the Internet come from after registration?

Sense of work

The whole point is that the principle of generating income forThis resource is based on leaving feedback. In other words, you just have to express your point of view about a particular product or service (for example, you can find customer reviews on the website about various stores with feedback on their work), and then earn income for reading by others , that you published.

recommending ru reviews about everything

In principle, there is nothing difficult here.Describe what you liked, for example, in the powder of one manufacturer and did not like the other - it's easy. The main thing is to get feedback from other users. After all, it is for viewing your comments will be charged. Though small. This means that you should not just write a review from the category "I liked everything, buy", but make your post interesting and deployed.

Counting and Amounts

Do not think that the site for earning " "comments are only phenomenal, rather, they are mixed.On the one hand, the resource really pays you for expressing your opinion, but on the other hand, the question arises: how much can you earn here? Maybe it's such a penny that Do not start?

Indeed, at the very beginning you will have topretty much work on writing reviews to then get a good income. Sometimes in a month you can not earn anything. But over time, income will start to appear and grow.

What is the principle of the work of the system of earningson the "Recommendation"? Customer reviews are read by users (including those not registered), for which the system charges the author some amount of money. About 5 kopecks per view. With all this, there are publishing rules that you will have to follow when writing. If this is not done, then the fee for the left comment is not credited.

irecommend ru customer reviews

As you can see, initially the amount of payment is not so muchhigh. But if you have a lot of feedback, and even interesting ones, then "Recommendations." Will really help in obtaining passive income. Some users claim that they receive in a month this way from 10,000 rubles. It seems to be not so much for modern earnings. But as a passive income this is a huge amount.


" "reviews receive medium as a resource for making money, or rather, doubtful and ambiguous, in particular because of some rules for publishing reviews, sometimes it is very difficult to observe them, especially if you are just starting to get acquainted with earnings on reviews.

For example, it is worth paying attention to the fact thatfar from all the goods and not all services are subject to "payment" on the site. In some cases, the resource gives you a line that says that reviews will not be paid for one reason or another. This may be an outdated product, and its huge unpopularity. Nevertheless, if the relevance increases over time, and the reviews begin to be paid, you will be charged for them. But, as practice shows, this happens extremely rarely. It can be said that almost no such phenomena occur.

In addition, the text of the review should not only beinteresting, but also quite long. Posts that contain less than 500 characters (or rather, letters) are not payable. Even if they prove to be extremely informative and useful. So, it is necessary to print for earnings a lot and constantly.

Another surprise, which prepares you "Recommendation",this is activity. You should not just create an account on the site, write a few dozen reviews, and then forget about the profile. On the contrary, at least once a month you will have to write one post. But better is more. If this is not done, then the payment for viewing all comments is blocked. Recovery occurs after the manifestation of activity. So work on the resource will have to constantly.


Increase of earnings

Do not worry that the fee for reviewsinitially small. After all, the work is also dust-free. Especially if you write about what you really used. So "Recommendations." Reviews get quite positive for the fact that there is a possibility of increasing the cost of comments. And all this on a permanent and legal basis.

What are we talking about?The thing is that the comments on the site have a so-called rating. The bigger it is, the higher the pay. Thus, sometimes you can increase the cost of reading one of your recalls to about 2-3 rubles. On the one hand, not so much. But as a passive income this is enough. People manage to earn here 10-15 000 rubles with payment of comments of 5-10 kopecks. Imagine only, and how much you can get if the payment rises several times! And this is reality. The question is: how many users can this be done.


Reviews of the "Recommendations" on the World Wide Web are extremelypopular. And they are really paid. Only not as big money as we would like. As practice shows, the main successful users are housewives and women with children. That is, people who have plenty of free time to write good and detailed reviews on topical products.

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If you only comprehend different types of earnings inInternet, and also you have a few hours a day, which can be devoted to work-outs, then you can try your hand at the "Recommendation". Do not expect that the income will arrive immediately. And then you will necessarily succeed. After all, irecommend really pays. This is not some scam. The resource can and should be trusted in this sense. The only thing that should be noted: do not trust those who lure you with quick and huge earnings on "Recommendations." This is not the page where it's possible.