Cinema "Babylon", Omsk: timetable, website, address

Cinema center "Babylon" (Omsk) is one of the largest cinemas in the city. In it you can not just watch a movie, but also have a great time.

Babylon Omsk

The history of the cinema

"Babylon" (Omsk) was opened not so long ago.However, from the very first days he attracted movie lovers with good halls, comfortable chairs, developed infrastructure and soothing prices. His birthday was celebrated on May 20, 2010. The cinema has 484 seats. Visitors can choose from 8 well-equipped halls. Very often in the cinema center there are various festivals, competitions and festivals, costumed shows.

Babylon cinema Omsk


Cinema "Babylon" (Omsk) settled inentertainment center "Europark" in the area Buchholz. Address - Lermontov Street, 2. There used to be a river station in this building. And now this is one of the favorite places of all Omsk citizens. Near the entertainment center is an area for walking, several shops with clothes and groceries, the famous Omsk ball is a huge sculpture in the form of a ball. On the way to the cinema in the summer, you can ride a steamer. Very close to the ticket office of the river terminal, from where the pleasure boats begin their journey. Typically, the flight takes one hour.

Cinema equipment

As noted above, in the film center "Babylon"(Omsk) 8 cinemas. In each of them, soft armchairs with armrests, comfortable for sitting. In addition to convenience, you can note the comfort of watching movies. Sound of perfect quality. In 4 halls of 8 there are modern quality equipment from Belgium "Barco", in 2 rooms - Italian equipment "Victoria". These systems have sound-absorbing panels that provide a more enjoyable viewing of movies. In the hall there are wide passages, which allow not to be pushed during the session or at the exit. Steps are equipped with illumination so that visitors can, if necessary, without problems, leave the room in the dark.

Babylon Omsk cinema reviews

Infrastructure of the film center

In the cinema center there is an electronic board andseveral cash desks. Tickets are very convenient to buy. The possibility to book tickets in advance is definitely a big plus of the "Babylon" cinema (Omsk). To wait for the beginning of a film it is possible in a local cafe from which the fine kind on the rivers Irtysh and Om is opened. Before the session, you can buy popcorn in the movie bar. It is prepared using natural coconut oil. Comfortable armchairs and sofas, spacious rooms make the waiting of the session pleasant. The waiting room is decorated in a special cinematic style. There are also tables for the convenience of the occupants.

Cinema Babylon Omsk

Near the building of the cinema there is a large parking. Public transport stops in walking distance from the cinema "Babylon" (Omsk).

The site of the company

The site of the cinema allows you to easily navigatein the choice of film. On it you can find all the information: address, contact phone number, armor phone number. Working with him is easy and simple. Here you can also find information about the city's cinematographic events, as well as some news from the world of cinema and art. In addition, there is all the necessary information for the owners of club cards. By the way, "Babylon" (Omsk) is famous for its shares. Very often, giant discounts for day or night sessions, as well as discounts for students. That is why "Babylon" (Omsk) is a cinema (reviews confirm this), which is very popular among Omsk youth. There are also club cards. Their owners enjoy privileges when booking and buying tickets.

The company's website regularly conducts polls and polls for visitors. Thus, feedback is provided. Also, each visitor can leave a review about this or that film.

Reviews about the movie center

"Babylon" (Omsk) - a cinema, reviews about which inbulk of the positive. Visitors say that the cinema is very polite employees and cashiers. Among the pluses there is a small amount of cinemas: a feeling of comfort, coziness, home decor is created. Clients say that "Babylon" both inside and outside is very neat, in all rooms is clean. By the way, all the employees of the cinema are dressed in special uniforms, they can always be contacted for help if necessary.

Of course, feedback is a subjective thing.Therefore among the negative comments you can find and such: uncomfortable chairs, small rooms, small screens. Some visitors also note that the screens are too high fixed, so looking from the front rows is not entirely convenient. To protect yourself, try to acquire more distant ranks. As for the seats, they are equipped with headrests and armrests. However, the backrest inclination is not really regulated, which can create certain inconveniences.

Babylon Omsk site

But the main advantage of this cinema center is shares andlow prices, and all this is combined with a decent service. Before the movie starts, there is where to eat, relax. Everything is decorated in the best possible way. The quality of the picture and sound is also high.

Visitors often talk about romanticthe location of the Babylon cinema. Omsk is a city in which two rivers merge, and from the windows of the cafe you can see just this picturesque place. Walking before and after the session will really be very enjoyable.

Theater schedule

Schedule, the time of release of new films, trailers,Description of motion pictures can be found on the company's website or on the phone. As a rule, the schedule changes every day. This is done so that different films are shown in different halls and at different times. Then each viewer will be able to choose the most convenient session for himself. The schedule for the whole week is laid out in advance.

Thus, going to this cinema isA great idea for a romantic date, family vacation or a long-awaited meeting with friends. Here you can also go with the child to watch a new cartoon. The main thing is to have a good mood and choose a really worthwhile film. The site of the cinema will always help you with this, do not hesitate.

Excellent and pleasant viewing, as well as wonderful experiences!