The best serials and movies about mermaids

Quite often on television screens appear pictures,telling the story of these or other supernatural beings. World cinema did not pass by and the mermaid - a mythical creation, half man and half-fish. Therefore, many fans of the fantasy genre are interested in what films about mermaids exist for today. Which of them can be considered the best?

The best foreign films about mermaids

movies about mermaids
Foreign cinema is rich in similar projects.List of films about mermaids, perhaps, should start with the picture "Splash", which was released in 1984. This touching story of a simple guy Alain (by the way, in the title role here Tom Hanks), which saves the mermaid.

In 1999, the family comedy "Son of a Mermaid" appeared, which tells the story of 13-year-old Cody Griffin, who accidentally learns about his origins and ability to turn into a mythical creature.

The film "The Mermaids", which went to the big screen in2003, tells about three seductive sisters-mermaids who decide to join forces in order to find and punish the person responsible for the death of their parents.

One of the most popular films of this genreis considered "Aquamarine" (2006), which tells the story of the mermaid Aquamarine, secretly in love with the rescuer. A chance meeting with two friends of Claire and Haley can be decisive, because the girls are called to help the mermaid win the love of her dream boy.

And in 2009, the melodrama "Undine" was filmed.The plot of it is pretty trivial - in the network of a simple fisherman Syracuse accidentally gets a girl who radically changes his whole life. And the boy in love has yet to learn that his lover is not an ordinary person.

Mermaids in the domestic cinema

Yes, the plot of some domestic filmsproduction is also tied to stories about mermaids. In 2007, the screen saw the movie "The Mermaid", which tells the story of an ordinary girl Alice, who decides to try to find happiness in the big city. The girl is clumsy and almost always gets into trouble.

But along with this she has a very special gift- she can speak and hear the sea, and also to some extent influence the future. This film can be safely attributed to the genre of the so-called author's cinema, which is designed, rather, for the amateur, than for the broad masses of the population. Nevertheless, the picture received a lot of positive feedback from critics and viewers.

Cartoons and movies about mermaids for children

children's movies about mermaids
In a separate list,which will be of interest to children. On the other hand, for sure, every adult remembers the film "The Little Mermaid" in 1967 with Victoria Novikova and Valentin Nikulin in the lead roles. This touching and interesting adaptation of the fairy tale of the same name G.Kh. Andersen.

There are other children's films about mermaids.Popular is the picture "My Mom - Mermaid", released on the screens in 2007. This is the story of a widower, Thomas Bradley, who, along with his daughter Sirena, goes to Greece to rest. The enterprising daughter does not abandon attempts to find a companion for her father, and fate presents her with a gift - soon the beautiful mermaid Nereid becomes a new member of their family.

If we are talking about mermaids, we can notremember the wonderful Disney cartoon about the adventures of the mermaid Ariel in the underwater kingdom - this cartoon captures the imagination with bright colors and beautiful decoration. By the way, he likes adults no less.

"Scary" mermaids: thrillers and horror stories

Not all films about mermaids celebrate the merits of these creatures. Semi-semi-fish are often used in the world cinema and as negative characters.

list of films about mermaids
For example, in 2001 appeared the Americanthriller called "Horror from the Abyss". This picture tells the story of two scammers - Angus, played by Rufus Sewell, and Lily, whose role went to the charming Carla Gugino. Incidentally, a married couple learns the secret of an old man - his wife was killed by a mermaid, and now this supernatural being is his captive. Without thinking about the consequences, Angus and Lily decide to steal the creature, for which they will soon have to pay.

By the way, in the same year 2001 appeared the Spanish film "Dagon", which tells the story of a whole tribe of fishermen, on the island of which there were accidentally two victims of a shipwreck.

Popular TV series about mermaids

Of course, the movie about mermaids is popular. Therefore, the idea of ​​the girls-fish decided to intercept and the creators of the series.

movie about the mermaids
So, in 2006 appeared the Australiana youth series about three teenage girls who accidentally ended up in a mysterious cave and turned into mermaids. Now even the slightest drop of water on their skin leads to transformation, which, of course, pretty spoils the girls life. In addition, in addition to their own problems, Cleo, Ricky and Emma will have to deal with other supernatural beings.

In 2013, Australians began work on a newproject - "The Secret of Mako Island". This series will tell the story of the guy Zak, who accidentally turned into a mythical creature with a fish tail, and real mermaids who will live on land until they take away from Zak's magical abilities.

By the way, mermaids often appear in other TV series, in particular in some episodes of "Enchanted" and "Grimm".