What is and how to use Google Chrome's visual bookmarks

To view the contents of the Internet, it wasmany browsers have been developed. They differ in their capabilities, support, design, number of additions. And standard assemblies even in such cases are few satisfied. One of the areas that users are working on is the improvement of design. And good for this purpose cope with visual bookmarks for Google Chrome.

What are visual bookmarks

visual bookmarks for google chrome
When did they appear?In this case, the visual bookmarks for Google Chrome 2.0.1 were used for the first time. Since that moment, they have undergone many changes and improvements, and the difference between them is considerable. The visual bookmarks for Google Chrome 2.0.1 and modern versions of the browser vary so that it's even hard to believe that they are from the same software product.

Visual bookmarks allow you to save a link tosite. But not as an ordinary text link, but with the addition of a single photo of this site. Usually their appearance is as follows: location in the form of a matrix with a certain number of columns and lines (you can customize it yourself). Each cell has an image automatically saved from the site, and a signature in the form of its name.

What is offered by default?

visual bookmarks for google chrome from Yandex
Where are the visual bookmarks for Google?Chrome? What do they give? You've probably heard about visual bookmarks for Google Chrome from Yandex or another company, but if you read this article, you could hardly have used them before. To see them, you need to open a blank browser page. There you can go to any site by clicking on the icon of the one you need. Then the question may arise: "And how do visual bookmarks differ from ordinary bookmarks?" The fact is that in the standard settings the matrix is ​​formed from the most popular sites, and you can only drag and drop them inside the matrix itself, fix or delete.

What do extensions offer?

visual bookmarks google chrome yandex
And if you need to add a new resource?Here, the standard bookmarks can not help. Unless to delete already existing until such time as the necessary site appears. And additions, which are visual bookmarks, allow you to create your own selection of sites that should be at hand. Their popularity is also supported by the fact that in Google Chrome, setting up visual bookmarks is not a problem, and everyone can do everything according to their tastes.

How to set visual bookmarks?

Here it is best to create a special algorithm:

  1. Initially, go to Settings, select the “Tools” menu, click on the “Extensions” submenu.
  2. Click on the "More extensions" button. If it is not visible, scroll down. This option is possible if you have not yet installed any extensions in the browser.
  3. A string will appear.If you like one of the following bookmarks, you can drive in it. If you want to choose from others - type in the search box "Visual bookmarks" or something similar and choose. But the number of additions, to put it mildly, rolls over, so no need to sit half a day, looking at everything. In most cases, those that are lower are elementary clones. But free will, and if there is a desire - you can search.
  4. Opposite the extension you like, click on the “Install” button.
  5. Everything, you can collect your collection of bookmarks.

If you want to install visuals on the phonebookmarks for Google Chrome ("Android" or another operating system is not important), then you need not worry - the algorithm of actions does not change. After all, one developer company.

Most Popular Visual Bookmark Extensions

google chrome customize visual bookmarks
There are quite a few extensions, but we will only focus on the 3 most popular. They were created by different companies and for people of different types. The three most popular extensions are:

  1. От "Яндекс".Google Chrome visual bookmarks "Yandex" made with a friendly interface. To add a new link, you only need to click on the window with a plus, enter the site data - that's all. You can also choose from recently visited. The maximum number of bookmarks is 48 pieces! You can also choose a background for the page with them. Visual bookmarks for Google Chrome from "Yandex" allow you to diversify the usual look of the browser and set up a powerful tool for quick access to the necessary virtual resources. But you should know the edge of reasonable, because with maximum use of the bookmark, computer desktops begin to resemble. We can say that Google turned the visual bookmarks of Google Chrome into the same desktop, only in the browser.
  2. From Mail.ru.A simple extension with 9 bookmarks cells. The principle of interaction is similar to the product from "Yandex". It is perfect for people whose interests are limited to several sites and who do not like any frills, but prefer simplicity.
  3. Speed ​​Dial 2.An extension that allows you to customize the style and appearance of the bookmarks, add any site, create visiting statistics, set preferences for yourself and some more nice additions. Due to possible installation difficulties, an introductory tour is offered (and we do not recommend to refuse). You can choose not only the number of sites to be stored, but also the distance between their thumbnails. If you want to choose visual bookmarks specifically for yourself, you can choose this extension, taking into account your preferences and wishes. But for a complete setup, you will need to properly deal with everything and find the time to create exactly what you need.

How to remove extensions?

visual bookmarks for google chrome 2 0 1
If you do not need an addition to the browser or youYou think that because of him he began to work more slowly, then you can remove the third-party product. It is necessary to walk along the same path as in the “Installations” subsection, and in the “Extensions” menu opposite the unnecessary add-on, uncheck the box next to the word “Enabled”. Then click on the trash can, and the extension will be removed. It should be noted that when deleting files, all settings are deleted. If there is a desire to restore everything, you will have to do the setting again. Therefore, it is more effective to go with the expansion disconnection - perhaps it will be corrected soon or you will need it again.


visual bookmarks for google chrome android
So you know why visual bookmarks are needed.for Google Chrome and how to install them, where to look at their settings in order to customize. You can try to work with visual bookmarks, which are described. But keep in mind that when reinstalling the operating system, all extensions will be removed. To avoid losing all your extensions, you can use synchronization with Google services through your account. And then in the new system or even in a new computer or laptop, you can restore the old atmosphere without having to spend hours in memories, which extensions were installed.