How to clear a cache in Google Chrome: instructions for beginners

Today we will analyze the question:"How to clear the cache in Google Chrome?" It is this process that helps to significantly improve the performance of the browser. Specifically for inexperienced users a short digression with a description of the main definitions will be presented. So, next, you'll learn how to clear the cache in Google Chrome.

how to clear cache in google chrome


Before you begin to review the instructions,let's find out what the cache is. This word comes from the English "cache", which in translation means "hide". In different sources, writing can change, so there are variants of "cache" and "cache". Cache is a temporary store for each browser, which allows you to improve the performance of the program. It stores the intermediate data used to display the page. Temporary storage can contain various media content (audio or video), images, structure, etc. In general, the cache only helps browsers, increasing the speed of loading pages. But when the maximum amount of allocated memory for the storage reaches a critical level, the cache can harm the program. Since it will be difficult for her to navigate in a lot of files. This will make it difficult to display the pages. Therefore, you should always delete temporary files. It is recommended to perform this operation every day. Below is a more detailed answer to the question: "How to clear the cache in Google?"

 how to clear cache in google


First, open the Google programChrome. On the top right, you will see an icon with three horizontal bars. Click on it and select "History" from the drop-down menu. The "Clear history" button will be located at the top. Click on it, and you will have a new window. Here, check the box "Clear the cache". You can also select the time interval for which the cache was collected. Once you make your choice, click Clear History. This completes the removal process.

additional information

Slightly higher, you learned how to clear your browser's cacheGoogle built-in means. But you can use additional programs. Their advantage is the enhanced functionality that they offer their users. With their help, you can configure the cache cleaning in automatic mode. Or you can format temporary storage in several programs at once. This feature will be very handy when you use multiple browsers at once. There are many similar programs on the Internet. From myself, I can recommend a utility called CCleaner. This program is completely free. It can perform many useful operations. The interface of the program is fully adapted for beginners. There is a Russian translation. It is enough to select the necessary operation and scope. The rest of the utility will do it for you.

how to clear your Google browser cache


In this article we have in detail disassembled the question:"How do I clear my cache in Google Chrome?". Once again, it is worth noting the importance of this operation. It's because of the crowded storage that the normal operation of the browser is disrupted. Although the removal of the cache takes only a few minutes. I hope you understand from this article how to clear the cache in Google Chrome correctly.