How to clean cookies in your browser

Today, let's talk about how to clean the cookies inyour browser. All actions will be performed in the most popular programs: Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome. If you have never performed this operation on your PC, then be sure to do it today. About how to do this, and most importantly - why, will be discussed later in this article.


The definition of "cookies" comes from Englishthe words cookie, which means "cookies". It is a small piece of data. For example, a login string is a password. Cookies are most often stored using a web browser that accepts data from the web server manager. In addition to information about logins and passwords, the cookie can contain the following data: usage statistics from the user, automatic authentication, saving of personal settings and parameters, checking the status of the session. It is worth noting that, contrary to a large misconception, the cookie does not represent any separate program. Cookie is just a text file that contains data. All information is transmitted in an encrypted way, so it's almost impossible to intercept cookies. On how to clean the cookies in the most popular browsers, read on.

how to clean cookies

Google Chrome.In the Google Chrome browser, cookies are removed from the history panel of your site visits. You can get into it using Ctrl + H shortcut keys or through the program settings. You just need to open an additional settings menu, where you need to select "History". And already here it is necessary to click on the inscription "Clear History". In the new window that appears, select "Clear cookies ...".

smeared browser


In this case everything happens exactly as withGoogle Chrome. You need to go into the history of visits, where you can choose "Clear browsing history". You can do this using the Ctrl + H keys, or manually, through the control panel.

firefox mazila


All actions from this example are performed inthe latest version of the program. In "Firefox Mazil", the cookie is deleted in the same way as the cache. Only with the difference that you need to check the box "Cookies". In principle, this happens in almost all browsers. You need to go to the settings of the visit log, where you need to select "Erase Recent History". You can use an alternative and use the keyboard shortcuts, namely Ctrl + Shift + Del. Or go the other way, where the cookie is deleted separately for each site. To do this, go to the settings "Mazil" (browser), select the "Privacy" tab and find the inscription "Delete individual cookies". Here you can delete site data separately.

Why do this?

Earlier you learned how to clean the cookies in the mostpopular browsers. In most programs, everything happens on the same principle. Cookies, as you already know, store important user data. For example, if you are on a certain site, cookies will tell the web server that you are on this site. It is through the cookie that information about the user's activity is transmitted. Therefore it is important to periodically wash them. In order not to repeat the removal procedure every time, you can configure the browser to automatically do all the necessary actions after the program or site is closed.


Question: "How to clean cookies?" - very often asked by beginners. In the article I gave all the necessary information to answer it.