Why can not I open extensions in Google Chrome? The most common reasons and their solutions

Virus or system failure? In this article, we'll look at the main reasons why Google Chrome extensions do not open, and find out how to solve this problem.

Virus Browser Infection

The most common cause is a virus.The problem of virus infection of the browser is that when the extensions do not open in Google Chrome, the internal extension-antivirus does not open with them. Clean up the software manually. Signs of the virus: obtrusive advertising, self-opening sites.

do not open extensions in google chrome

How to fix?

If the reason for not opening extensions in Google Chrome is a virus, follow these steps:

  • Click on the "Menu" tab, select "Settings-Extensions";
  • before you open a list of programs, view it for any extensions you have not installed;
  • Find suspicious software (can "hide" under an innocent name, for example, "Security module");
  • disable and remove the extension that is causing the problem;
  • restart the browser.

The second way

If the first method does not work, follow these instructions:

  • open the "Task Manager" for the browser with the keyboard shortcut Shift + Esc (do not confuse it with the usual "Manager", which opens with the combination Ctrl + Alt + Del);
  • Complete the processes of uninstalled extensions or the processes of all running extensions, if you are not sure which one caused the problem;
  • go to the "Extensions" tab or enter chrome in the address bar: // extensions /;
  • remove suspicious extensions, if the virus is difficult to find, remove all the installed extensions;
  • restart the browser.

why do not open extensions in google chrome

If nothing opens at all

The most radical decision is to remove Google itselfChrome. With it, the potential virus as well as the possible system failure will be removed. To avoid losing information, first export the bookmarks and sync the Google account with the browser. In addition, completely check your computer for antivirus software.

If this did not help, please contacttreating the computer to specialists. Help of this kind is provided free of charge at the Cyberforum and Virusinfo forums. Create a topic in the appropriate section with a detailed description of the problem and wait for the answer. Then follow the steps that you will be told to perform on the forums. Usually this is a set of utilities for checking the computer and creating logs (reports) about the scan. These logs are sent to a specialist who, on the basis of the information provided, tells how to solve the problem.

System problems

Systemic reasons why the extensions do not open in Google Chrome are usually associated with the framework.

do not open extensions in the google chrome virus

A framework is a framework that provides workinstalled programs. In Windows OS, this is the Microsoft .NET Framework. He has different versions. Not that version of the framework can interfere with the operation of programs, including browsers. Go to the official Microsoft website and install the latest version of .NET (it is downloaded and installed as an ordinary * .exe program).


Do not open extensions in Google Chrome due tovirus - a common problem that arises from the neglect of user safety rules. That's why it affects not only the "Google" browser, but also Opera, Mozzilla, etc. Therefore, in addition to "curing" Chrome, pay attention to other installed web browsers - they may need to be reinstalled or cleaned.