Choose the best browser for Android

Internet surfing is the most popular anda feature in modern tablets and smartphones. And to browse your favorite sites, you need a browser. In our time there are many different options, and the user is sometimes in the minds of what still to choose for his Android-device. The article will describe popular browsers, as well as the best browser for Android.

The best browser for Android
The first option is Opera.At the moment it is the most popular browser for smartphones and tablets. There are two versions available: Opera Mini, and also Opera Mobile. Mini is designed for devices with a weak "iron", and the second is designed for more powerful devices, it is more approximate to the PC version. Many believe that Opera is the best Android browser.

Let's move on to the advantages of this development:

- Even before downloading the browser, you may notice that its size is only 1 megabyte.

- It does not take much traffic to load pages.

- In Opera Mini and Mobile there is a functiondata compression. It can be turned on and off automatically in both 2G and 3G. The Internet compression feature is automatically turned off when your device is connected to a fast Wi-Fi connection.

- The Opera browser for Android has a user-friendly interface. Easy tab switching.

Opera perfectly scales pages.

Perhaps, the disadvantage of Opera Mini and Mobile is that you will not be able to fully use all the functions of the sites.

Best android browser
Google Chrome. This, you might say, Google's "native" product. You can synchronize links, bookmarks from your computer or laptop. Everything, that is connected with Gmail.

The search string shared with the address bar - it madebrowser is more minimalistic. Chrome refused to use Flash, Google aims to use HTML 5. Also the browser works fast with links, it has good scaling. There is a mode of "incognito".

Chrome is a good competitor to Opera. Very often you can hear that this is the best browser for Android.

Browser Opera for Android
The third browser is Firefox. Even from a long time, he competed with Internet Explorer. After the last one has passed its positions, Firefox has become the best browser.

Unfortunately, it is not very popular amongusers. This browser is in demand among young people, from whom it is not the main option. Some features in Firefox can not be found. Externally, it resembles the Dolphin and Chrome browser. Of course, there are advantages in it:

- Support for HTML 5.

- File upload manager.

- A good JavaScript engine.

- The presence of Firefox Sync, the function allows you to synchronize links, bookmarks from different devices.

- With the help of this browser, you can fully use all the functionality of the sites.

The browser runs at moderate speed on weakAndroid devices. If compared with the two previous programs for Internet surfing, Mozilla is the golden mean. Chrome - a full-fledged browser for mobile devices, supporting all the features of the desktop version. This makes it quite "heavy" for use on budget and mid-range devices. Opera is different in its speed, but not all functionality of sites containing many scripts is accessible to it. Although Firefox is not the best browser for Android, it still takes a worthy place in this review.

The above have described the pros and cons of variousbrowsers for Android. But everyone decides for himself, which is the best browser for Android. This should be done according to their needs and preferences.