Install the express panel for Google Chrome

Пожалуй, нет такого пользователя известного browser from Google, which would be completely satisfied with the express panel for Google Chrome. Although the developers took into account the wishes of people and developed the function of automatically creating the most frequently visited Internet links on the main screen, up to flexibility and convenience, which were, for example, in the old versions of the Opera, it is still very far away.

express panel for google chrome
Тем не менее, стандартные визуальные закладки Chrome can be very quickly replaced with a more optimal solution - quick dial-up, or Speed ​​Dial. Note that many browsers executed on the Chromeium engine, currently actively advertised (the same Yandex.Browser), are already initially supplied with an integrated system of quick access to resources, which can not but rejoice. We'll talk about how to independently choose and install visual bookmarks Chrome.

The task of each user is to find "his" solution.

On the Chrome browser user support resource,called "Online Store", you can find all the available shortcut modules. Without them, the work is much more complicated, because the browser developers abandoned the usual address line, where they could see all previously visited resources. Thus, users are now forced to either keep all addresses in memory, or install an express panel for Google Chrome.

visual bookmarks chrome
Let's start the search and selection.To do this, you need, in fact, the browser itself and an active Internet connection. After launching Google Chrome, you need to click on the image of parallel bars in the top menu list, which will open the settings and management window. Here you need to follow the chain "Tools - Extensions." If something is already installed in the browser, a list of add-ons will be displayed. In any case, at the bottom of the screen there is a link "More extensions", which should be clicked. This simple action will take the user to the online store, where it’s time to get lost. In order not to look for the Google Chrome express panel in the huge list, in the search bar in the upper left corner, type “speed dial” and press Enter. Now you need to select the "Extensions" button above the results, click on the one you like and read the description and screenshots.

Preparing for installation

In order to add an extension, you mustRemember the name of your mailbox and password for it in Gmail. If not, then create one. Alas, but without this, installation by regular means of the online store is impossible.

chrome visual bookmarks
Install the express panel for Google Chrome

Suppose mail is created and a shellquick access selected. For example, let it be the Speed ​​Dial FVD (most downloads). It is necessary to press once with the left button of the mouse on the “Free” button (in the upper right corner). The installation of the extension will begin. If a reboot is required after completion, a corresponding message will be displayed. In the browser, an extension icon will appear next to the address bar, by clicking on which you can get to its settings. Usually, to use the speed dial function on any open page, click the right mouse button, and in the menu that appears, select the link creation item. If for any reason the addition of the user is not satisfied, then in “Settings - Tools - Extensions” you can remove the corresponding checkbox by disabling it, or completely remove it by pointing to the image of the trash can.