How to clean a wall "Vkontakte" in various ways? Practical tips

Many users of the most popular social networkRuNet "Vkontakte" are sure that the most important component of their page is the wall. It is this element of the profile "Vkontakte" that is able to tell a lot about the tastes and preferences of its owner. In addition, the wall is always visible to visitors to your page - this fact prompts many users to carefully monitor it and periodically erase obsolete or compromising records. Now we will look in detail how to clean the wall of Vkontakte in various ways.

Everyone knows that on its wall "Vkontakte"the user can put a variety of material: text messages, photos, pictures, videos from popular video sharing and favorite musical compositions. In addition, many applications and games of this social network like to "clutter up" the wall with various messages. Therefore, many users try to "rake" records on their wall quite often. Let's look at the most popular options for how to clean the wall of Vkontakte.

The simplest and most reliable way to "clean" the wall -this is the removal of all unnecessary and irrelevant entries manually. It is through viewing each record that the user decides whether to delete it or not. The main disadvantage of this method is the huge amount of time it will take to study a large number of records on the wall. Therefore, this option is ideal for those who do not have too many entries on the "main page" of their Vkontakte account, or there is enough free time in the stock.

But what if you spend extra hours insocial networks are reluctant, and the records on the wall, which are long overdue, there is a huge amount? How quickly to clean the wall "Vkontakte", while not sitting up in front of the monitor for a long time? For users with a little knowledge of programming, the following method is suitable: you need to download a special program (for example, "Greasemonkey") and install (or write yourself) a script to automatically delete records from the wall. The drawbacks of this method are that such programs do not work with all browsers ("Greasemonkey" was originally designed to work with the browser "Mozilla Firefox") and to find or write a clever script is not such an easy task. Therefore, an inexperienced user runs the risk of spending much more time searching for necessary software and scripts than deleting "wall" records manually. So choose.

Но есть также третий, самый радикальный способ removing records from the wall. It is useful only to those users who have decided that they no longer wish to use such a tool as a wall in their account. If you have not figured out how to clear the entire wall of Vkontakte, then the answer will surprise you with its simplicity. It is enough just to "disconnect" the wall in the privacy settings. But do not forget that in this case you will not only get rid of all old entries, but you will not be able to use this option of the Vkontakte account in the future - on your page the wall will simply be absent.

Before you clean the wall "Vkontakte"any of the above methods, it should be noted that all deleted records will not be restored in the future. It's also worth noting that it's best to regularly remove unwanted entries manually and not to the point where there are too many records to delete. This is due to the fact that the manual way to combat "wall" creativity is still the most reliable and easy for users. Now that you know how to clean the wall of Vkontakte, you just have to choose the appropriate way to delete records and start this difficult task.