What should I do when Google Chrome does not start?

Google Chrome has a good position amongall known browsers. This is facilitated by stability, a rich set of extensions, good speed and the ability to synchronize on multiple devices. But even this monster of reading web pages can sometimes start to fail. The most known problem among users when Google Chrome does not start. Next will be presented several solutions to this common problem.

Google Chrome does not start: first steps

The first thing you can do, especially not straining -it is to restart the computer. This operation will not delete the necessary files, will not break the structure of browser tabs and will allow you to avoid other similar problems.

google chrome does not start

The second thing to try is upgradevideo card drivers. The fact is that Google Chrome uses the productive power of GPUs to optimize the opening of web pages. Upgrading doesn't hurt the system in any way, so you can try this method.

Также будет полезным заглянуть в диспетчер задач and analyze how many megabytes are spent on processes. If there is no extra waste of resources, and the memory is full to capacity, then it is worth visiting the nearest electronics store and buying a memory bar. Sometimes it is possible that the browser is already running, and due to a failure, the second instance of Google Chrome does not start.

Virus check

Antivirus protection is also important for stableoperation of all systems and the browser in particular. Many malware actively use memory to solve their problems. At the same time, the remaining free RAM may not be enough to run Google Chrome.

install google chrome

In addition, there is a group of viruses thatthey are tied to the work of the browser, as they cause spontaneous opening of advertising and phishing sites to steal user data. If the computer is completely missing anti-virus protection, then it's time to take care of installing it. For quick treatment of the system, you can use "one-time" utilities, which are able to scan all existing objects for viruses and neutralize them without installation.

System File Checker

Если не запускается Google Chrome, несмотря на the previous steps, then it is time to check the integrity of important system files. For this is the standard Windows utility, which comes bundled and is called SFC. To run it, you'll have to use the command line. But everything is quite simple - you just need to open it and enter SFC.exe / scsnnow. The / scannow switch says that you need to perform a check once and do it immediately. After pressing the "Enter" key, the process will start. Upon completion, a message will be displayed about how many files were damaged, and whether there were any. If the system automatically recovers the found faulty files, it will notify about it. By the way, this utility can also be used without visible faults, for preventing future problems and eliminating them at the first stages.

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In addition to this utility, you can manually check the file.hosts, which like to write viral and harmful sites. It exists along the path C: Windowssystem32driversetc. In this folder you need to find the hosts file and open it with notepad. It should not contain unnecessary lines and addresses.

Reinstalling the browser

To solve the problem in a universal way,need to install google chrome. This, however, has several side effects. For example, important tabs will be lost. But you can take care of this in advance by exporting them to a file or setting up synchronization. But saved passwords will still be lost. It is worth considering this, deciding to install Google Chrome. In general, there are several ways to save all entered passwords on websites and social networks. For example, you can create a copy of your entire Google Chrome user profile.

why doesn't google chrome start

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome,Going to Google from another browser and typing the name of the search. Next, the installer is downloaded, which, after launching, will automatically install the browser. It is worth noting that changing the bit sometimes also saves from problems with the launch. Before you download Google Chrome, you need to pay attention to what browser is ready to download - 64 or 32-bit.

Why not run Google Chrome?

If the system has anti-virussoftware and it has its own firewall, then you should check all its settings. Perhaps, somehow, the browser happened to be on the list of such programs that are susceptible to blocking when accessing the Web. The same goes for the regular Windows firewall. If it is active, then just in case you should add Google Chrome to the list of exceptions.


Some extensions that manyset in "Chrome" and forget about them, can consume a large amount of resources. If the Google Chrome browser does not start, then this may be the case. To try to run "Chrome" without extensions, you need to use the command line keys.

google chrome browser does not start

You need to register them with the properties of the Google labelChrome, in the "Object". The key - disable-extensions is responsible for disabling extensions in the process of launching the browser. The full line should look like this:

“C: UsersUser1AppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” --disable- extensions. If the installation was successful, then all the same extensions did not allow "Chrome" to start.


To not have to periodically look for sucharticles on the Internet, you need to closely monitor the system. After all, it depends on it the performance of all components. You should check the OS for viruses, update it, pay attention to the visited web resources and downloadable files. If the system began to slow down, then you should not postpone the decision on the back burner, but restore it immediately. It will make sense to periodically create a copy of your profile in order not to lose data, passwords and bookmarks.