How can I fully update Google Chrome?

Most Chrome users, as a rule, never encounter problems with the update, since the browser is configured to automatically update by default.

This is true for Chrome on Android, iPhone and iPad, and for Chrome on the desktop operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and for Chrome on devices Google Chromebook.

However, sometimes you may run intoproblems with the update. If you notice that it does not work automatically or if you want to update the Google Chrome browser, because you know that there is an available update, the following guide will be helpful to you.

In addition to recommendations for updating Chrome, we will also describe how to quickly and simply "refresh" some important components of the browser, such as extensions, as well as Flash and Java plug-ins.

How Google Chrome updates

The Google Chrome web browser is the first in whichthere was an automatic update feature. It was a bit of a revolution, because before that, the duty to update the web browser lay with the user.

Обычно это приводило к тому, что только самые vigilant and technically savvy users had modern web browsers. Now in most cases, in fact, always, unless you specifically disabled this option, Chrome checks for updates every couple of hours and installs them.

But it can also happen that auto-update does not work. If this happens, the reason may be the following:

  • The firewall on your computer prevents Chrome from checking for updates.
  • Your system administrator has blocked automatic application updates.
  • You (or someone else) have disabled auto-update in the program.

Elimination of these problems is beyond the scope of this article. In addition, all these situations are very rare. However, if this happens, you can update the browser manually.

Two ways to update Google Chrome

The first method consists in manually starting the update from the program settings.

1. Open the Google Chrome browser.

2. Enter the chrome: // help in the address bar of the browser. Two things will be done:

  • the page displays the current version of Chrome;
  • the browser will send a request to the Google servers to find out if it's possible to update Google Chrome.
update google chrome version

3.Click the Google Chrome settings button in the top-right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, select "Help," and then select "About Google Chrome." The appeared window automatically checks for updates and shows the current version of Chrome.

4. If an update is available, you will be able to install it. Click "Update Google Chrome." If you do not see this button, then you have the latest version of the program.

5. Wait until the new version of Google Chrome is installed. The update process takes only a couple of minutes.

refresh google chrome

6. Restart Google Chrome.You can do this by clicking the restart button that appears after the update to Chrome, or simply close and reopen Chrome. The browser saves the open tabs and windows and automatically opens them when you restart. If you do not want to restart the browser immediately, click "Not now". The next time you start the browser, the update will be applied.

7. Now the version of your browser should be up-to-date. You can check this by going to the "About Google Chrome" page and finding the message "Google Chrome up to date" on the left side of the page.

The second method is to download Google Chrome manually from the Google site and install it on your device.

On the site you can download two types of installers:Offline installer and web installer. The standalone installer already includes all the necessary files for installing Chrome. The web installer will download the data for installation from the Internet.

Download and run the selected programinstall on your system and wait for it to complete. During the installation, Chrome will be updated to the new version. You will not lose your user data, such as bookmarks, browser extensions or browsing history.

In the newest versions, Chrome notifiesuser that updates are available. To do this, it changes the color of the main menu icon. Depending on the color (green, orange or red) show how long the update is already available (2, 4 or 7 days).

When you open the menu, you'll see the "Update Google Chrome" button. Click the button, and then restart the browser to complete the process.

Update extensions

Extensions are an integral part of any modern browser. After the version of Google Chrome is updated, it will be superfluous to update and extensions, if new versions are available for them.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page chrome: // extensions Either by right-clicking on the required extension and selecting the item “Manage Extensions”, or by entering this address in the URL line
  2. On the page, check the "Developer Mode" box on the right side.
    update google chrome
  3. After that click on the "Update Extensions" button.
    update google chrome

Please note that you may have to reload all the tabs on which you want to use the new version of the extensions.

Update plugin Adobe Flash Player

Another action that follows regularlyperform to keep the browser up to date - update the Adobe Flash Player in Google Chrome. This plugin is responsible for displaying video, browser games, as well as many elements of web pages.

The task of how to update Flash Player in Google Chrome is very easy to solve. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter in the address bar of the browser chrome: // components. A page with a list of browser components will open.
  2. Find Adobe Flash Player in the list.
    how to upgrade flash player google chrome
  3. Click on the "Check for updates" button on a gray background, and the browser will update the plugin itself.

The process of downloading and installing the plugin takesjust a second. This distinguishes Chrome from some other browsers, for which the plug-in needs to be downloaded from the official Adobe website and reinstalled in the operating system.

Java plugin update

Еще одна задача, которую нелишним будет Run to fully update Google Chrome, install the latest version of Java. This is especially true for fans of browser games and users concerned with information security issues.

To update Java, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and download the Windows Installer Offline.
  2. Close Chrome and any other web browsers (be sure to do this before running the installer, especially if you have several browser windows open).
  3. Run the Java installer downloaded in step 1 and follow the instructions of the installer.
  4. Run Chrome again and check the Java version by going to
    update adobe flash player to google chrome


Basic procedures for updating Google Chromecompleted, and the browser is ready for daily work. Once again, in normal circumstances, Chrome will automatically update and you don’t need to force it manually. Chrome extensions are also usually "catch up" after the new version of the browser. As for Flash and Java, the responsibility of updating plug-ins is still on the user. Do not forget about this in order to protect your browser from vulnerabilities in time and ensure the proper functioning of the content of websites.