How to uninstall Google Chrome and its history

It often happens that the programs installedon the computer, start crashing, hang, display messages about all kinds of errors, boot the computer more than it usually does. After all, programs can simply stop performing the required functions.

Such failures are also in browsers.For example, popular Google Chrome may refuse to add tabs, play music or videos and start closing right in the middle of a working session. This can be due to various browser failures that are caused by viruses, malware. Often, the harm is done by users themselves, who, having no experience, climb into the settings. If this happens, the program must be removed and reinstalled. The first action many do not know how to produce correctly. How do I uninstall Google Chrome?

Standard removal method

how to remove google chrome

This method is the most primitive.But in most cases it works. The browser needs to be removed using the standard operating system interface. If the computer has more than one user account, then everything that will be described below must be performed from the one that has administrator rights. So, how do I uninstall the Google Chrome browser?

  • You need to press the Windows key on the keyboard, which is located between Ctrl and Alt.
  • Next you need to go to the control panel, in which to find the category with the installed programs and open it.
  • A list of programs opens in which you need to find Google Chrome browser, select it and click on the delete button.

During the deletion, the user will be giventhe question of wanting to delete the settings of the browser profiles. These settings include all saved passwords and logins, bookmarks, the appearance of the program and the folder with your favorites. If all this is not necessary, then you can tick the corresponding item. This is the way most of all programs are deleted. Therefore, if you have a question about how to uninstall Google Chrome, you can immediately go to this method. But sometimes it happens that due to viruses or when the system crashes, the remote program leaves some data. These can be entries in the registry, which when reinstalled will only interfere.

The AppData folder

how to completely remove google chrome

This directory should be checked firstqueue for the content of such residual data. This folder stores data that is generated by applications during their work. This folder is hidden and you can not just get into it. What do you need to do to enter it?

  • Open the explorer and go to the system disk.
  • Go to the Users folder, where to find the personal folder. Open it.
  • Here you must enable hidden files and folders. To do this, click on "Arrange" in the menu and select an option.
  • In the "View" tab there is an item that allows you to show hidden folders. It should be noted by its tick.

After that, the desired folder becomes visible. In it, you need to open the Local folder, and in it to find and delete the Google directory.

Cleaning the system registry

how to remove cookies google chrome

How do I completely uninstall Google Chrome?It is necessary to work with the system registry of the operating system. This utility is very complex, so you need to do everything with high caution. If you edit or delete the wrong record, the operating system may completely fail.

  • You need to bring up the dialog menu by using the Windows and R keys;
  • In the appeared line, the word regedit is entered. It is necessary in order to call the Registry Editor;
  • Pressing the Ctrl and F keys, you need to open the search interface, where you enter the word Google and start the process;
  • All found records should be deleted, and then repeat the procedure already with the word Chrome.

Thus, it becomes clear how to uninstall Google Chrome.

Deleting Cookies

 how to delete google chrome history

Often, users are interested in how to removeGoogle Chrome cookies. What is this? Cookies are technical data that browsers and websites use to make the user comfortable to work with. In this data, all the logins and passwords required for quick access to the site, temporary data about the appearance of the site and other auxiliary data are stored. It also stores the history of visits. If desired, each user can turn off the use of cookies, but often this can lead to inconvenience. Sometimes in order to restore the operation of certain functions of the site, you must remove such technical data in Google Chrome. After the reboot, the program should work fully.

Delete history

how to remove google chrome browser

How do I delete my Google Chrome history and passwords?To delete, open the browser settings. The section that is required contains personal data and is hidden from the user. In order to display it, you need to click on the item, which allows you to display additional settings. After clicking below, new sections will appear. In the section with personal data there is a button "Clear history". It just needs.

There is another option in order to openwindow with cookie settings. It is necessary in the settings to find the "Tools" section, and in it to find the item, which makes it possible to delete all data about the pages viewed.

After the above steps, a window opens.clearing history. In it, you need to clear all the flags, except for the line with the cleaning of cookies. In the drop-down menu, you can select the amount of time to delete. After selecting, you can completely clear the history.

The result

So, the above was described how to completely removeGoogle Chrome, as well as data. This can be useful for both troubleshooting and privacy. After all, not everyone wants others to know what information is viewed on the Internet. If you delete passwords, another user will not be able to access your account and perform unnecessary actions there. For these reasons, you need to know how to uninstall Google Chrome and your personal information.