Google Toolbar - from creation to the current situation

Google - one of the most popular and convenientsearch engines, which are increasingly preferred by users. But it's also a huge company that develops various services and applications for the most comfortable and enjoyable use of the Internet. One of the first developments (after Search, Catalog and, of course, AdWords) was the Google Toolbar.

Программа была создана и предлагалась для installation in the most popular at that time (2000) browser Internet Explorer. This was convenient for users, because there was no built-in search in IE, and it was beneficial for the creators, as it was a great way to promote the new add-on. Since then, a lot of time has passed and, naturally, the panel has undergone significant changes.

google dashboard

Среди самых популярных компонентов, которые contains the Google Toolbar, you can name the built-in search on the site page, automatic translation of content, tips for incorrectly entered addresses, spelling, blocking pop-ups, and others. These tools are really useful and greatly facilitate the work of the user. Over time, some of them were built into IE. In general, this browser was the only one in which the search from Google was not by default. That's why Google Toolbar was the most important addition for him.

Some people are wondering if there is such a panelGoogle tools for Opera. No, the special version was developed (in addition to IE) only for FireFox, but its development stopped in 2011. In addition, today the company fully supports and promotes Chrome, which, according to the results of the research carried out, is the most popular. In this regard, the Google Toolbar is currently simply supported in the working mode, but is not updated.

google toolbar for opera

Now, all Google Toolbar features are built into theChrome. If you use this browser, then all the necessary tools are there. However, if you still decide to install the Google Toolbar in IE, then it's worth to learn more about its capabilities. Here's what it includes:

  1. Live search - by entering a word, you see tips inthe form of the most popular queries (starting with the corresponding letters) that users are looking for. Thus, you do not need to completely write a word / phrase.
  2. Google Bookmarks, which you can open from any computer (saved in your account).
  3. Translation (by mouse or automatically the entire page).
  4. Spelling check - errors are highlighted in red, and when you hover the cursor, the correct option is shown.
  5. Autofill - eliminates the need to enter the name, login, phone number and so on each time.
  6. Button "+1" - allows you to share useful and interesting information with your friends.
  7. Google+ notifications (when a new message arrives, the corresponding button is highlighted in red).
  8. Settings that allow you to edit the Google Toolbar (remove or add tools, labels on buttons, etc.).

install google dashboard

В целом, это дополнение довольно удобное и useful. However, today many people use the Chrome browser, which already contains all these settings. And secondly, the minimalist design of other services is not very compatible with such a panel that looks rather cumbersome, not very modern and, sometimes, slows down the work.