HP Deskjet 1510 Printer - Ideal for Small Office or Home

HP Deskjet 1510 Printer has a small monthly print resource of 1000pages, this one circumstance relates it to the solutions of the entry level. Its specifications, tuning algorithm and other important nuances associated with its operation will be considered within the framework of this material.

hp deskjet 1510 printer

Niche MFP. Delivery list

HP 1510 is a multifunctional deviceprimary class with a small print resource per month, which is 1000 pages. This volume will be enough for a small office with a number of personal computers no more than 5 pieces or home use. In all other cases, the use of such a decision is not entirely justified for economic reasons. In addition to the multifunction device, the delivery list includes an interface cable, power cord, disk with software, user's manual, a brochure on warranty obligations and a warranty card. This list complements the start-up cartridges for the HP Deskjet 1510 printer.

Speed. Formats. Page density

The HP Deskjet 1510 printer is ultra-budgetsolution and expect high performance from it is not necessary. On the output of the first page with dimensions 210X297 (A4 format) in black and white mode, it will spend 17 seconds, and in color - 24 seconds. After that, for the first mode, the print speed will be 7 one-sided sheets per minute, and for the second - 4 pages. In addition to the previously specified A4 format, this printer also supports DL, A5, B5 and A6. In addition to this, it is possible to print photos with sizes of 10x15 and 13x18. For color mode, the maximum resolution is 4800x1200, this is quite enough for obtaining high-quality color prints. For black and white mode, the manufacturer has set the maximum value of 1200x1200, and this alone makes it possible to obtain monochromatic documents with higher quality. The acceptable range of page density in this case is 60-280 g / m2. Therefore, this printer can print on any medium, from ordinary pages and ending with photo paper.

does not print the printer hp deskjet 1510

Communication list

As it should be, the minimum set of methodsconnection is implemented in this multifunctional device. Only with the help of USB this universal solution can receive and send information. The main version of this wired interface for connecting this MFP is 2.0. But it is also quite successful for these purposes, you can apply the rest of its modifications.

Cartridges. Their refilling. Possible problems

Two models of cartridges are used fororganization of printing in HP 1510. One of them is involved in monochromatic mode and is filled only with black ink - this is CH561NE. The second cartridge is used only during the output of documentation in color mode - CH562NE. He already has three tanks, he is filled with three kinds of ink: yellow, purple and blue. The main drawback of cartridges is a small print resource that is equal to 100 pages. Refilling the HP Deskjet 1510 printer can increase this value to 300-400 sheets. After that, you still have to buy new cartridges. The order of refilling the cartridges is as follows:

  1. We extract them from the printer.

  2. Partially remove the sticker with the model of the cartridge and find air holes. In some cases, they may be absent, they will have to be made in the indentations using an awl.

  3. Then, using a syringe, fill the ink ineach container. In doing so, pay attention to the marks on the cartridge relative to the colors. The needle of the syringe is immersed 3-4 cm into the container, and it is necessary to fill in about 3 cm3.

  4. Return the stickers with the name of the cartridge model to its original position. If this does not work, then we seal the holes for ink with tape or tape.

  5. Further gently wipe cloth printing surface and remove any excess ink.

  6. Install the cartridges back into the all-in-one.

In some cases after thisThe printer may not print due to a blockage of the print cartridges. To activate them, hold down the "Cancel" button for 15 seconds. After that, the cartridges will be initialized and the device will be able to print.

cartridges for printer hp deskjet 1510

The situation with the drivers

The HP Deskjet 1510 printer supports allactual family of operating systems. This list also includes various modifications of "Windows", and "Linux", and even MacOS. Drivers for this device are installed quite simply, this operation usually does not cause problems.

Connecting a multifunction device. Its setting. Possible problems

The procedure for connecting this MFP consists of the following stages:

  • We install the device for a permanent place of use.

  • We perform its commutation. Using the interface cable we connect the MFP to the PC, and the power cable allows to organize the power supply of the peripheral solution.

  • Turn on the computer and printer.

  • Install in the last cartridges.

  • Install the driver from the disk after the download.

  • Print a test page.

If it does not then print the HP Deskjet printer1510, then we check the correctness of switching and re-install the driver. It will also be superfluous to manually select the version of the drivers during the installation. Finally, you need to check if there is a control program for the USB ports.

refill printer hp deskjet 1510

Price of multifunction devices. Reviews about it

At a price of 4000-5000 rubles now you can buyHP 1510. This is quite a democratic cost for both budget-funded IFIs. The main drawback of this solution is a small resource of cartridges, which is only 100 pages. It is on him that the owners accentuate the reviews. You can refill cartridges for the HP Deskjet 1510 printer. But cardinally this does not solve this problem, the cost of one print is still quite high. The maximum reduction in costs in this case is possible only through the installation of CISS, but it is better to entrust this to a specialist. The advantages of this universal solution include high quality print, a large list of supported system software, ease of configuration and application.

hp deskjet 1510 printer


HP Deskjet 1510 Printer has only one significant drawback -this is a small resource of printing cartridges. Solve this problem only with the help of CISS. In the rest it is an excellent peripheral device for home or small office.