Hair extensions

For the past few seasons straight hairare the main trend. To help in striving to achieve the ideal smoothness can ironing for the hair. In the case of the right choice of hair straighteners, each girl can get the desired hairstyle even at home. To get a fashionable styling without the cost of extra time, you will need two devices: a hairdryer with thermoregulation and an iron for straightening hair. It is necessary to acquire and protective means, which will preserve the health of your hair when exposed to a high temperature ironing and hair dryer. If you use a hair straightener, then you should buy thermoactive milk or a spray. Hair iron is best purchased with ceramic coating plates.

When using a hair straightener for youit is necessary to adhere to certain rules: do not use the appliance on damp or wet hair. If you do not have enough time for drying and subsequent straightening of hair, then you should prefer irons with simultaneous drying. The hair straightener is not difficult to use, however, the presence of various thermostats will be a positive moment. A hair iron will be more practical if it has a function such as ionization. If the device is equipped with a hinged cord, then it will be more convenient to work with it. Such fastening will not allow the cord to twist during hair straightening, another useful function that hair iron can be equipped with, is automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

Hair extensions: how to choose

It is clear that in choosing it is necessary to know whichironing for the hair is better. Now in the market you can see a considerable number of models of hair iron: from the most inexpensive, having metal plates, to the least dangerous, having ceramic plates. Hair iron with metal plates remain the most inexpensive option, however, use of such a rectifier is not recommended more than three times a month. If such a device is used regularly, your hair will lose its strength and shine.

Irons with ceramic plates usually costtwice as many, but they not only more effectively straighten hair, but also do not break their structure. Ceramic plates allow the iron to slide easily through the hair, making the naughty locks smoother. Almost all irons of this kind are equipped with thermoregulators, which helps to prevent damage to the hair. A low rate of heating is the only disadvantage of such irons.

Irons with ion-ceramic ortourmaline coating, are the choice of professionals. Such rectifiers are used not only in the home, but also in beauty salons, because they have the least negative impact on the health and appearance of the hair, in comparison with other species. There is an opinion that they are even useful, since they can glue flakes along the entire length of the hair, which makes them stronger and stronger. However, the main advantage of such irons is their ability to smooth even the most naughty locks.

When using ironing, you need to remember some rules:

- if this is your first experience of straightening hair with iron, then it is necessary to rehearse with a cold rectifier;

- Before proceeding directly to straightening, it is necessary to wash the hair, apply to the hair preparations for protection and styling, then dry them;

- you can not straighten wet hair, it will negatively affect their structure;

- Straightening should be done by dividing the hair into small strands;

- if the hair is very curly, then first the hair must be pulled out by the comb, and then straightened;

- the procedure should be carried out step-by-step from the back of the head, passing to the upper layer;

- After the procedure it is necessary to fix the result with the help of varnish or spray;

- the same hair area can not be smoothed for a long time;

- do not use the iron more than twice a week.

In this article we have listed the main pointsuse of iron for hair. Each girl has the right to choose for herself the model and brand of ironing, however it is important to say that there are several most common manufacturing companies: Philips, Vitek and Braun.