Keratin straightening: consumer feedback

Keratin hair straightening is a curativeprocedure that improves their structure for a long time. They become smooth and shiny due to natural keratin, which is in the composition applied to the head. This component penetrates into the hair, restores damage, fills porous places. Keratin straightening, reviews of which are always enthusiastic, suits hair:

keratin straightening reviews

  • brittle and dry;
  • fluffy, naughty;
  • damaged as a result of staining, melioration, chemical wave or build-up.

Локоны любого типа (азиатские, европейские, African) become perfect after the procedure of "keratin hair straightening". Moscow is famous for its salons, in which this service is performed on a professional level. This novelty is gaining popularity more and more.

Stages and result of keratin straightening

The service consists of several stages:

  • cleansing the hair with shampoo;
  • application of a special tool;
  • application of keratin composition and exposure to ironing.
    keratin straightening

The time-based procedure can take from two to fivehours (depends on the length of the hair). But what is the result of the novelty "keratin straightening". Reviews such: the structure is restored, fluffy and wavy hair straightens completely, strongly curly locks become neat and shiny.

Cons of keratin straightening:

  • Many formulations for straightening contain formaldehyde, which when incandescent in the body can cause poisoning.
  • In Russia, you can find products containing other poisons, so you need to choose salons with a good reputation.
  • The high price of the procedure deters many potential clients.
  • After keratin straightening, you can not wash your hair for 72 hours, use elastic bands and hairpins.
  • Hair may decrease slightly in volume.
  • Curls after straightening require the use of special care products that ensure the durability of the result.
    keratin hair straightening moscow

Keratin straightening: reviews

  1. Hair becomes smooth and silky. Having tried once, I want to do this procedure all the time. But it is not affordable for everyone.
  2. Curls are straight and shiny. To the touch pleasant, not straw. They even sparkle.
  3. Hair is flat, but volume has disappeared somewhere. We have to do bouffant and hide the flaw that appeared.
  4. Dyed and damaged hair becomes less brittle and porous. Shine appears, excessive fluffiness disappears. Curls live, as if after a spa-procedure.
  5. The process takes a long time. The result is a transformed hairstyle with smooth and even hair. Gorgeous curls reflect the sun glare.
  6. The procedure itself is not cheap, you also need to buy a special shampoo that does not contain sodium laureth sulfate, and conditioner. The effect will disappear in a maximum of 5 months.
  7. After keratin smoothing make staining, shading. And if you make this procedure immediately after painting, the color will not wash out.

Keratin straightening, reviews of women talk about it, makes the hair beautiful. Laying becomes easy. The condition of the curls will not depend on the humidity, and the hairstyle will always be great!