Tattoo "eagle" - a symbol of freedom and courage

Tattoo "eagle" is considered one of the mostpopular in view of its symbolism and many-sided associativity. Each culture explains the image of the eagle in its own way, but in general this bird is a sign of bravery and courage, God's messenger, the lord of the air.

National meaning of tattoo

A proud bird is mentioned in ancient Greekmythology, where, according to legend, the thunderer Zeus assumes its appearance in order to observe the life of earthlings. In ancient Jews, the eagle is considered a symbol of Christian baptism, and in biblical myths - the personification of victory over evil and diabolical power. Norwegians identify the eagle with wisdom, Americans - with patriotism, and the Chinese - with courage and strength. In this tattoo "eagle", where a bird lonely sits on a rock, means a brave warrior-alone, and a tattoo depicting an eagle on a pine tree - long years of life without illnesses and troubles.

tattoo eagle
Before the majestic bird, they worshiped andIndians, considering it a symbol of spiritual fortitude. They even decorated clothes with eagle feathers, thus driving away evil spirits. The ancient Romans also perceived the flight of the eagle before the battle as a foretelling victory.

The hidden meaning of the image of an eagle

The tattoo "eagle", the meaning of which each people understand differently, is personified with such qualities of character as:

  • strength and masculinity;
  • clarity of mind, discernment;
  • wisdom, foresight;
  • perseverance of spirit and courage;
  • freedom;
  • power, leadership;
  • spiritual development.

Who is allowed to wear

The tattoo with the image of the eagle is considered truemale. A similar tattoo adorns the parts of the body of brave, wise, persistent, just personalities with a developed sense of self-worth. It is not recommended tattoo "eagle" timid, shy and insecure men. Demonstration of bright courage and courage will not be entirely to their face.

tattoo eagle value

In the realities of modern times, tattoos withThe hologram of the eagle began to give preference to women. Such a tendency is not surprising: the eagle carries a profound meaning, a pronounced maternal instinct, a wise motherhood.


To achieve originality, the owners of natural painting resort to various designs of the image, adding symbolic symbols to it or choosing local holograms bearing a special meaning.

  • The tattoo "two-headed eagle" is associated withthe exaltation of a bird in ancient Sumer (Iraq). During the crusade the symbol was brought by pilgrims and traders to Russia and Europe. Today, the two-headed eagle adorns the flags and emblems of many states, denoting power, authority and leadership.
  • The feather of the eagle arose in our culture thanks toIndian tribes, in which it was considered a guard against the evil spirit, a sign of healing, a talisman that gives courage. The tattoo represents unity with nature and strength of mind.
  • It is difficult to list all the semantic nuances thatcontains the tattoo "eagle". The value, for example, images of the claw of a bird - protecting the owner from evil and danger. This symbol is also used in heraldry.
  • Eagle's eye symbolizes vigilance, courage,foresight and vision. The bird is not afraid of dangers and obstacles, continuing to proudly soar in an unattainable height, even when the sun shines directly into her eyes. Therefore, such a tattoo is also identified with the fortitude of the spirit and fearlessness.
    tattooed eagle on the shoulder
  • The wings of a proud bird spiritualize freedom andno restrictions. Tattoos with holograms of eagle wings are usually chosen by individuals with an uncontrollable and freedom-loving character. The most common place for tattooing is the back, which depicts a bird with spread wings, like a symbol of eternal independence.

Wherever the tattoo "eagle" is placed: on the shoulder, back, arm or neck - it is considered an attribute of justice and infinite freedom, a sign of inexhaustible courage and courage.