Keratin hair straightening. What to choose?

Каждая девушка желает всегда быть на высоте и to look perfect, but, unfortunately, appearance is not always ideal, so you have to work hard to correct the deficiencies. Most of all, they usually upset their hair. Girls with straight hair want to acquire luxurious curls, and with curls to straighten them. If in the first case the desire can be realized with the help of curlers, then in the second it is more difficult.

keratin hair straightening
Представительницы прекрасного пола подыскивают imagine creative hair straightening, which would suit them. Every year, new methods are emerging, and the existing tools are being improved, so there is no reason to be afraid of harming the hair and permanently messing up their appearance. Depending on the desired effect and structure of the head of hear, a tool is chosen. It is necessary to understand that not all means are able to provide perfect hair straightening.

Навсегда сделать их прямыми не удастся, но все же You can choose the tools that will provide smooth and silky for up to 3 months. Special creams and mousses for straightening are the most benign: the effect of them is short-lived, but they do not harm the hair. However, for owners of elastic curls, this method is unlikely to work.

hair straightening forever
Also creative hair straightening involvesuse styler. To protect against high temperature, you can use special tools. The iron guarantees a short-term effect, it is necessary to use it daily. Moreover, with high humidity, hair loses smoothness.

If you need a lasting effect, you canuse such creative hair straightening as "chemistry". It lasts a long time, you only need to visit the salon once every three months in order to straighten the grown roots. But you should be careful, because the procedure can significantly harm the hair, especially if the master is not professional enough. After that you should not dye your hair for a long time, you need to use various oils and nutrients to strengthen it.

keratin straightening
Recently, in the market of cosmetologyservices popular kerotinovo straightening. This Brazilian novelty is completely safe and guarantees a lasting effect. For three months, the hair will be smooth, silky and shiny. The result depends largely on the quality of the keratin mixture and on the professionalism of the master. Keratin is applied to the hair, filling the voids, and then sealed under high temperature.

Many people believe that creative hair straighteningnegatively affects their structure, but it is not. If you use only high-quality tools, apply for services to professional hairdressers who are responsible for their work, then there will be no negative consequences. In addition, the hair requires careful care. You should regularly make masks, use air conditioning, wash them with a special shampoo. In the case of keratinizing, it is impossible to use agents that contain sulfates, since they wash out not only natural keratin, but also artificial.