Permanent hair straightening: features of the procedure

One of the modern novelties in the world of fashion andbeauty is the permanent straightening of the hair, allowing even from disobedient and outwardly unsightly hair to make magnificent smooth and shiny curls. To achieve an amazing result, one procedure performed in the salon is quite enough, and it is much safer for the health of the hair than for the constant use of straightening irons. The very procedure of permanent straightening has some similarity with a chemical wave, as during the session similar drugs are used to straighten the curls.

Preparations for the procedure

Permanent hair straightening is carried out withusing chemical reagents, the choice of which reagent depends on the particular type of hair. The strongest rectifiers include sodium hydroxide, which allows you to straighten even strongly twisted hair, but with its use, the curls themselves are severely damaged. A less aggressive drug is ammonium thiol glycolate, which is also used for complex and heavily curled hair, but it does not significantly damage the structure of the hair. Hard ringlets do not react to any rectifiers.

Also, hairdressers are usually advised fora few weeks after the rectification, use special hair restoration products for home use, which not only can rehabilitate curls, but also have an additional straightening effect.

Permanent straightening: benefit or harm?

Despite the notorious positive reviews,This procedure can not be called completely harmless. However, you need to understand that straighten or vice versa - curl hair without harming them is impossible. You can only reduce the chemical effect by using more gentle methods of straightening. One such is bio-straightening. This is the same permanent hair straightening, only in this case special protective equipment is used. So, immediately before the procedure begins, a protective cream on a vaseline basis is applied to the scalp, which is very easily removed at the end of the session.

Indications and contraindications for the hair straightening procedure

The main condition for the procedure is healthy,not damaged hair. If they are overdried, split, dyed or polished, then permanent hair straightening is not recommended. In addition, you should not expose your curls to chemical exposure to straighteners just before the beginning of the summer season, as the sun's rays will not have the best effect on hair that is weakened after straightening.

The result of permanent hair straightening

Many girls believe that resistant straighteninghair allows you to forget about such an unpleasant moment as daily styling. However, against nature, as they say, no arguing, and no one will cancel the styling. Curly hair will still curl, because their structure from the procedure will not change. Despite the fact that after straightening the hair, as a rule, weights down, a certain fluffiness still remains. But it can also be reduced by using special styling products. However, they can be used only from 2-3 months after the procedure. Until this point, the treatment of hair should be careful, without the use of a hair dryer and irons.

Professional permanent hair straighteningso good that the effect lasts up to six months, besides an experienced master in the cabin can always suggest which home care products are best used to keep the result as long as possible.