Nanoplasty of hair: what is it, how is it done, the advantages and disadvantages

Many today are hearing such a procedure asNanoplasty of hair. What is it and how does it differ from keratin straightening? In fact, this is a similar procedure. Differences from the standard keratin effect are the absence of formaldehyde (this is an advantage of nanoplastics, since it reduces the harm from the process), as well as another implementation algorithm. This procedure is carried out with the help of ecoWone products. The hair after the impact is completely straight, however plastic and lends itself to styling.

What is better - keratin straightening or nanoplastics of hair?

Nanoplasty is suitable for hair that is seriousnot damaged. The procedure is carried out on the painting, but it is necessary to be careful with the following aspect. Sometimes the hair color becomes lighter (about two tones), so if you constantly paint them, do this one week after the nanoplasty. The chemicals that are present in the composition do not harm the pregnant. Means of nanoplastics hair provide a composition using the same keratin, collagen, silk and wheat proteins.

means of nanoplastics of hair

Stages of nanoplastics

Step 1. Moisten the hair using a spray gun. Note! The density of the hair affects how much it succumbs to moisture. If they are thin, it absorbs more water.

Stage number 2.It is necessary to distribute hair to locks. Leave from the root a couple of centimeters and apply evenly with a brush. The composition in its appearance resembles liquid products, similar to the gel, which has a sour-milk smell. When you apply it to your hair, leave it for a while (from half an hour to one hour).

Step 3. Wash off the product with warm water.Then pat the hair using a towel. Drying can only be done with a hair dryer (brashing is not recommended). Nanoplasty for hair (reviews, the consequences of which are contained in this article) provides special rules for styling. Drying with warm air alternates with cold air. Do not expose an excessively hot temperature.

Stage number 4.Spread again evenly the strands and straighten them using the iron. The temperature level should be chosen taking into account the degree of hardness of the hair. Two hundred and twenty degrees is for the thickest, and from one hundred and seventy to one hundred and ninety for thin. The tips after the nanoplastics of the hair have been completed (which can be read in the section below), sometimes become somewhat dry or thick. Apply a couple drops of argan oil, then straighten two or three times each strand.

Stage number 5.Rinse your hair with a mild, non-sulphate shampoo, and then apply some conditioner. Experts advise buying products of the brand Global Keratin. After that, blot, using a towel, and dry with a hair dryer.

Nanoplasty for hair feedback effects

Nanoplasty of hair - what is it, and what are the benefits of the procedure?

Feedback indicates that during the procedureclients do not experience discomfort. Also, you can immediately wash your hair of the composition, not necessarily at the same time try to limit the exposure to humidity and wait one day to wash them.

The picture below shows (this is the hairafter the nanoplastics of hair is completed) that it is a healthy shiny head of hear that can be considered almost ideal. In addition, the process does not take more than a couple of hours of your time.

Nanoplasty of hair what is it

It is not necessary to purchase special hair care products. However, of course, you will only need to use a non-sulfate shampoo.

Technology features

With the help of nanoplastics you can smooth out your hair. Wavy hair straightens out for one hundred percent, and curly hair - on more than eighty, as experts-hairdressers assure.

that it is better keratin straightening or nanoplastics of hair

Remember that in order that they do not curl,it is necessary to use hair dryer and (or) brashing during laying. And yet, even if the ends are slightly wavy, the hair will not crumble, and will also have a shiny and sleek appearance. In addition, some customers say that the presence of an unpleasant odor is detected during washing. However, this is not critical, especially given the consequences and democratic cost of the procedure.