We choose a straightening iron for straightening hair

Мы, женщины - загадочные существа, логика у нас its own, quite special. If the hair is long - they need to be sheared, if short - to build. Smooth hair is absolutely necessary to curl, and curly to straighten ... And since fashion trends require perfect smoothness of hair, they have to follow. A straightening in the cabin - the procedure is not cheap, besides the hair can be needed suddenly. It is decided - we buy an iron for straightening hair!

straightening iron

But spontaneously do not buy, becauseit can not only make you happy, but it's also great to upset and endure many problems. Everything must be approached with intelligence! Nowadays, there are various types of hairpieces - for straightening, and for curling. There are even devices that combine both.

To purchase the right iron for straighteninghair, you need to know what the coating is made of. The most simple and cheap ironing - with metal straightening plates. But such a device will spoil your hair if you use it more than two or three times a month. This purchase makes sense, if you straighten your hair only to some celebrations. But even then, this is a questionable saving. Suddenly smooth hair will please you so much that you decide to walk with them all the time? Metal coating dries curls, makes them brittle and split.

Iron for straightening hair with ceramiccoverage is more expensive, but it spares the hair. They can be used two or three times a week (often not recommended at all). Yes, and the hair ceramic straightens better, smooth enough to draw from the roots to the tips - and a perfectly smooth strand is ready!

types of hairpieces for hair

But the best for today is consideredtourmaline coating. It is made of crystals of semiprecious turmaline stone. And even have already come up with a marble-ceramic coating. Coating from tourmaline during heating emits negative ions, which heal the hair. Pottery, quickly heating up, straightens curls, and marble absorbs the residual heat. Thus, the harmful effect on the hair is minimized. Moreover, the most modern irons for straightening hair even heal curls due to the properties described above.

In addition, modern instruments designedmake your hair smooth and docile, have different temperature regimes. You can set the degree of heating yourself, but still do not get carried away and put the highest temperature right away. As a rule, it is intended for straightening very curly or thick hair.

hair straightening for a long time

Many irons have removable attachments. They allow not only to straighten hair, but on the contrary - to make small or large waves. So to speak, "two in one."

If you need to straighten hair for a long time, and do it yourself regularly, there is no possibility or desire, then you should contact the salon, there professionals will help you.

Of course, before using the iron for straightening hair, they need to be applied with a special thermal protective agent. It will protect hair, and straightening will make it quicker and better.

The price policy varies from 800 rubles for the most simple devices to 3000 rubles. Really, it is worth spending one time to then have not only smooth and perfectly straight, but healthy hair!