Fern tattoo on hand: value

They say that nothing reflects the natureperson, as a properly selected tattoo. Regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent, you should definitely find out the meaning of the symbol, inscription or picture that you decided to apply to the skin. Otherwise, you may not understand, and worst of all, that illiterate images can have a negative impact on your character, mood and actions.

Remember only Milady from the movie "D" Artagnan andthree musketeers ", who, as a woman of easy virtue, was branded with the lily's emblem. Do you want to make a tattoo "Fern" or "Perunov color"? Do you want to know what this picture means? We will tell you about this.

tattoo fern

Figure fern in different cultures: Polynesia

Let's start with a brief history of the tattoo."Fern" as a symbol is found in almost all cultures, and in different peoples. For example, it is he who is considered a favorite emblem for the inhabitants of Polynesia. In this case, the fern leaf is depicted as a separate pattern, and as part of an entire floral composition. It is interesting that the choice in favor of such tattoo is done mostly by men. In this region, this plant symbolizes peace, tranquility and the beginning of a new life.

The meaning of the drawing is the Maori people

The Maori peoples have tattoos ("Ferns") also do men.However, unlike other Polynesian peoples, locals like to portray a kind of bud of a fern leaf that has not yet opened. They call it "spiral bark". Its importance is also associated with the beginning of a new round of life, readiness for change, awakening of strength and a sense of harmony.

tattoo fern value

Fern tattoo: the meaning in Slavic culture

The fern leaf is often found inculture of the Slavs. At them he meant loneliness, sincerity and humility. Most often it was applied to the hands and closed parts of the body by hermits and clergymen, leading a reclusive way of life.

However, the picture of the whole plant possessed morepowerful power, comparable to the fiery fuse. It was believed that he had medicinal properties, relieved the ailments and even helped his owners to discover the gift, increase endurance and temper the character. Fans of everything new, balanced personalities and just those who are ready for unexpected changes in their lives, it is worth making such a tattoo. "Fern" or as it is also called "Perunov color" is a symbol of vital energy and strength of mind.

tattoo fern on hand

The magical meaning of the fern

It is believed that the flower of the fern hasmagic significance. They say that he combines white and black magic, is able to fulfill his desires. However, it is better not to use this symbol for someone who does not understand and does not accept the magical meaning of the fern sprigs.

Otherwise, this tattoo may becomea source of trouble, disappointment and even trouble. Most often this figure was adorned on the bodies of sorcerers, guides, shamans and other people with supernatural abilities.

On which part of the body is it better to depict?

It is believed that to represent a tattoo ("Fern") on the hand or any other part of the body is necessary so that this picture looks beautiful. To do this, choose the size and shape of the leaf.

Accordingly, the selected picture will bedepend on its place of application. For example, for a small twig or a folded, like a swollen bud, the leaf is the ideal place to be the neck, back, side, shoulder blade, neck or forearm. The image of a mythical fern flower is best placed on the chest, back, shoulder or wrist. By the way, it is on the arm most often this beautiful in form leaves are represented by the fair sex. And on the chest and back - men.

Which part of the hand should I choose?

When planning to draw an elegant fern twig on your hand, you need to determine the place where it will be applied. For example, it can be:

  • the back of the hand;
  • wrist area (inner or outer side);
  • area of ​​fingers;
  • the inner side of the elbow;
  • forearm;
  • the inside of the hand (just below the shoulder), etc.

In a word, if you chose the fern twig as the picture, consider how it corresponds to your inner self.