"Taurus" tattoo: description, meaning, sketches

Tattoos with zodiacal signspopular. Many consider them a kind of amulet of trouble. The theme of today's article is tattoo "Taurus", a symbol of the sign under which stubborn, strong and purposeful people are born. Let's consider in detail what they sometimes decorate themselves with.

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What does the image of a horned bull mean?The most important meaning of this tattoo is the sign of Taurus, which the owner wants to emphasize. Sometimes such a sign on the body can testify not just about the date of birth, but also about the character traits on which the owner wants to accent. The ring in the nose of Taurus can be regarded as a symbol of humility and submission to fate. But in the vast majority of cases the tattoo "Taurus" speaks about the resolute character of the owner, who knows how to achieve the desired.

Another popular interpretation affectsThe image of the Golden Calf symbolizing love for a full life. Most often this image has a somewhat expressive coloring, many associate it with mercantile and lust for profit. But it can be treated differently: as a sign of striving for prosperity.


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Most often you can meet unpretentiouslaconic symbol denoting this zodiacal constellation - a circle and semicircular "horns" above it. Tattoo "Taurus", designed in this simple but very effective technique, can often be found on the wrist, collarbone, foot, elbow, thigh in representatives of both sexes with approximately the same frequency.

Abstract pattern

From abstract curled bands can turn outvery beautiful tattoos depicting Taurus. Usually such sketches do not differ in deep detail and represent the image only in general outlines. Such tattoos are often made in one color.

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The girls are more to the liking of thin, sweeping lines, giving the drawing elegance. Men sometimes choose for drawing pretty "heavy", massive sketches.


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An unusual solution for those who decided to maketattoo "Taurus", can become an image of the constellation itself. It consists of a small number of stars, so you can not call a drawing complex. The main thing is that the stars should be made very neatly, and the lines drawn between them should be smooth. In addition, the relatively small area of ​​the skin, which will have to be exposed to the tattoo machine, makes it possible to place this pattern even in sensitive areas. Slim and elegant, it will look nice, for example, on the inside surface of the shoulder or elbow.


The most common style in whichTattoo design with Taurus is solved, - realism. A muscular body, a large head crowned with horns, a burning look - all this looks very impressive. Typically, such sketches are chosen by the stronger sex, although among the girls you can meet quite determined individuals.

body tattoo sign

The most popular places for applying such a tattoo are the chest, back, upper third of the shoulder, shoulder joint area, shin, thigh.

Such an impressive tattoo should be trusted onlya true professional working with quality ink and technique. The more qualitative the paint, the more realistic the embossed Taurus will look. And using a white carcass to apply glare will give the image depth and volume.