The biggest bear in the world: photo

From time immemorial the bear has caused a person to simultaneouslyrespect, admiration and fear. Survivor in the battle with this beast forever acquired the glory of a great fighter, a favorite of fate. And modern hunters consider the most desirable and honorable trophy the skin of this animal.

The image of a bear can be found in the epic andmythology of many peoples. About him composed of beliefs and tales, considered a patron, they called the owner of the forest. In Russia it was believed that to remember the name of this beast once again to anything, because he probably will hear and say, and then certainly troubles can not be avoided. There is a version that Rusichi called it to those who know honey, and it is from this ancient nickname that the name "bear" that we are familiar today has formed.

People have always cautiously treated the bear with fear. This is a very large and strong animal. And for those who want to know about the largest representatives of the genus, our article is surely useful.

Polar bear

The most accurate answer to the question of whichthe largest bear in the world, you can consider the name of this particular animal. The polar bear is not only the largest and heaviest among the brethren, it is also the largest terrestrial mammal.

The weight of an adult animal usually reaches a ton, andheight - three meters. The Lord of the Arctic spends most of his time hunting. In winter hibernation these animals do not fall, for them winter is just the most active and satisfying season of the year. But in the summer, when the ice melts and hunt becomes more difficult, adult males fall into a peculiar state, similar to hibernation: they rest for a long time, practically do not show activity, eat little. At this time, metabolism slows down, the body saves resources.

Females raising young are deprived of such prerogatives, so they often die of hunger, because their metabolism goes on as usual, and they can not do without food.

polar bear

A surprising fact: the skin of a polar bear is black.

Global warming, development of coastal zones, fishing, ocean pollution and other human activities lead to the fact that the planet's largest bear is threatened with extinction.


Among brown this bear is the largest in the world.Photos kodiaka amaze and even can scare. But at the same time they demonstrate how beautiful this animal is: it has a proportional strong body, a dense sparkling coat, a neat head with intelligent eyes. But he needs to open his mouth, as terrible huge fangs are found.

bear kodiak

This kind of bears can be called the most media. Hollywood directors often use Kodiaks as actors.

The growth of an adult male reaches 3 meters, and the weightexceeds 850 kg. This animal lives on the North American continent. Not far from the coast of Alaska there is even an archipelago, called the Kodiak islands in honor of these animals, dwelling there in large numbers.

Siberian brown

Let's find out which bear is the largest among all those living in our country. The first place goes to the Siberian borom, which at the same time tops the top in the whole of Eurasia.

the biggest bear of the Russian Federation

He is in the basins of Kolyma and Anadyr. The body length of the bear is 2.5 meters, and the weight varies within 800 kg.


This bear also refers to the brown and is a close relative of Siberian. On his territory, he also crowns the food chain and has not a single natural enemy.

The grizzly is one of the biggest bears, since its weight is 450 kg, and the body length exceeds a two-meter mark.

Inhabits the grizzly in Alaska, in some provinces of Canada and in a number of American states.

A big bear

This beast is different from the brethren from otherregions of the world primarily by behavior. The beast is quite aggressive. Unlike most of the brethren, he can attack for no apparent reason. At the beginning of the last century grizzly brutally paid for such a behavioral feature: repeated attacks on cattle and people have repeatedly become an excuse for mass shooting. As a result, the population decreased by almost 30 times. Today, people are doing their best to preserve the species. Grizzly is listed in the International Red Book, and hunting for it is strictly controlled. Due to a number of measures, the population could be restored and multiplied.


Black bears are smaller than brown brothers. The largest bear in the world among them is baribal. With an increase of about 2 meters, it usually weighs 330 to 360 kg.

black bear

This animal lives in North America,practically on the whole continent. Biologists noticed that these animals have very interesting behavior. During the breeding of the offspring the females unite in groups, organizing original nurseries. While the young ones are under the care of one or several she-bearers, the others are scattered in search of food for the whole company. In other periods these animals lead a solitary way of life and practically do not contact each other.


The largest bear kermoda can not be named, butit definitely belongs to the top ten, because it weighs up to 300 kg and has a growth of just under two meters. This animal lives only in the forests on the coasts of Canada.

what is the biggest bear

Unusual color is truly unique.Kermod is not an albino. With a polar bear, he is related, but his degree is the same as with other species of the genus. Local Indian tribes call it a ghost bear. A literary name of the beast is due to the Canadian explorer Kermod, who first described the species.

Big panda

An image of a panda can be found on clothes anddishes, decorative items, advertising posters and much more. The name is very popular in naming. Panda is also the emblem of WWF - the world wildlife conservation fund and the national symbol of China. This black and white beast seems just a toy. Probably everyone feels touched, looking at his amusing photos.

The biggest bears usually look awesome,but this is not the case. However, do not trust the first impression. Panda is a very large and strong animal, its weight exceeds 160 kg, and the average height is 1.8 meters. It turns out that this beast is larger than the Himalayan bear.

bear panda

However, nature rewarded the panda not onlycharming appearance, but also a good temper. Bears are well trained, like to play and very rarely show aggression. They are predators, but bamboo branches are considered a favorite treat.

Spectacled Bear

Unusual appearance went to another big bear. It is called a spectacle for a kind of light spots on the face, similar to glasses.

The species lives in South America, and this is the largestbear in this part of the world. The adult animal has a weight of about 150 kg, and the body length usually reaches 1.9 m. Like many brethren, a spectacled bear lives in a den, but it is not typical for him to hibernate. It is active all year round.

This species feeds mainly on plant foods, although in case of severe hunger it can attack animals.

spectacled bear

Cave bear

It was the cave bear that could become the clear winner in the nomination "The Biggest". But this species has long ceased to exist.

The cave bear dwelt in Eurasia, and not in the forests, as its descendants, but in mountain caves. His height reached 3.5 meters, and the weight exceeded a ton.

According to scientists, a fatal role in extinction,which took place about 15 thousand years ago, played not only global climate change, but also the hunting activity of man. I want to believe that none of the now existing species will repeat his sad destiny.