Description of Lake Irtyash

After Lake Uvildy, Irtyash is considered to be the secondarea in the Chelyabinsk region. And by volume of water - the third. Irtyash is a lake stretching from the southwest to the northeast. Its length is almost 16 kilometers, and its width is 8. The maximum depth can reach 22 meters.


There are two cities on the banks of this reservoir.One of them - Ozersk (closed to visitors territory), the second - Kasli. Part of the water area of ​​Lake Irtyash is also banned for visitors. It is celebrated in the summer by white buoys, and in winter - by fencing. From the lake, water is constantly supplied to the Mayak PA. And also Irtyash is the main source of drinking water for Ozersk.

lakes irtyash

Irtyash connects with neighboring lakes by severalducts. Some even have one coastline with it. Two rivers flow into Irtyash Lake (Chelyabinsk Region) and the Techa River flows (the main tributary of the Iset River). In the middle of the reservoir there are several islands, and there is also a small peninsula. Their length ranges from several tens of meters to three kilometers.

Name of the lake in translation from Bashkir means "stony place". And this corresponds to reality, since its banks are really strewn with stones. In places there are even rocks.

On the shore there are ancient fortifications,abandoned mines, fortified settlements. The most ancient monuments have been preserved since the 6th century BC. On the shore, which is considered the urban zone of Ozersk, stands round with columns of the rotunda.

How to get to the lake

Vacationers and fishermen prefer to come toIrtyash. The lake has many convenient approaches to transport, pedestrian approaches and parking. All of them are easily accessible. From the west and east you can come from the side of a pine forest. Deciduous trees predominate on the eastern side. From the main road leading to Kasli and Ozersk, there are many turns to the lake. Any car can easily drive to the shore. On the west coast are located recreation centers.

Irtysh Lake

Fishing on Lake Irtyash

Irtyash is a lake, which belongs to the northCaspian Fishery Plant, and from the southern - Kyshtymsky. The only exception is the closed territory of Ozersk, since part of the reservoir is in the possession of this city.

Fishermen come here all year round. A winter "quiet hunt" is considered a favorite. In the lake are found:

  • roach;
  • ide;
  • pike;
  • perch;
  • crucian carp;
  • zander;
  • burbot;
  • tench;
  • ruff;
  • dace;
  • whitefish.

Last year in Irtyash appeared such fish species as omul and ripus. In previous years there were a lot of cancers in the lake. But now they are rare there. Although you can still catch them.

Lake Irtysh Chelyabinsk Region

Seven stones of happiness

Irtyash is a lake that has unusual magicalstones. According to ancient legends, all seven large boulders that are in the water at one of its shores, have a magical property. They bring happiness. To activate the magic properties of boulders, you need to take turns to get to all seven. You should start from the furthest from the shore, which is considered the First magical, and move towards the land. But according to legend, the ritual that brings happiness can work, only in a warm time, when the waters of the lake are washed by stones. Interested persons can check whether this is really so.