Scorpion (ruff sea) - a formidable inhabitant of the sea depths

In the Black Sea or the Sea of ​​Azov,An interesting fish that has an unusual and formidable appearance, reminiscent of a real sea monster. A large head covered with outgrowths, huge protruding eyes, a large mouth with thick lips and a set of sharp teeth, rays of the dorsal fin, similar to real spines. Called this formidable inhabitant of the sea depths - the ruff of the sea, or in another way, scorpion.

A small but formidable predator

ruff sea
Относится этот монстр к большому семейству Scorpionfish - marine radiant fish - included in the group of scorpion-shaped and numbering more than 20 genera and 209 species. Representatives of this family live in the waters of the tropical and temperate seas, but most prefer the Indo-Pacific region. Directly the genus scorpion (ruff sea-representative of the genus), numbering 62 species, is distributed in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean and the seas belonging to their basins.

In our country you can find two kinds of scorpions- Scorpion noticeable and Black Sea scorpion (sea ruff). The Black Sea, by the way, is not the only place where this amazing fish lives. It was even seen in fresh water in the mouth of the Shapsuho River in the Caucasus, not to mention the Sea of ​​Azov.

Scorpion - fish is relatively small, on averageits dimensions do not exceed 15-20 cm. Rare specimens reach a length of half a meter. In its way of life, the ruff of the sea belongs to predators. The basis of its diet is small fish, crustaceans, invertebrates. As the sea ruff is very difficult to see even from a close distance, he does not chase his prey, but lies motionlessly at the bottom and waits for the victim to approach him himself, after which he makes a short rapid throw.

Careful, scorched!

sea ​​ruff black sea
The sea ruff is really very formidable.The body of the scorpion has an elongated, somewhat compressed on the sides form, covered with fine rough scales, and a fin consisting of a series of sharp thorns. Especially impressive is a large head, covered with numerous spines and outgrowths, as well as a large, broad mouth. The ruffled sea ruff is quite mottled: a brown background, the shade of which can be very different, is strewn with a lot of dark spots and stripes. The same spots and bands are found on the fins. A peculiarity of scorpion is that it periodically sheds (on average - once a month). In this case, the upper layer of the skin is discarded by stocking (like a snake), under which is a new one - more fresh and bright.

At the base of the thorns, which cover the body of scorpion,there are channels in which there is a deadly poison. But its bristle prickles the ruff only uses for protection purposes. If a thorn gets stuck in the body, a poison is injected into the wound, from which the site of the prick swells and begins to ache very much, as from a bite of a wasp. With numerous injuries, even a lethal outcome is possible (which is extremely rare). In this case, you need to do everything possible to ensure that the injection site bleeds as much as possible to prevent further ingestion of the poison into the body, treat this place with hot water and go to a medical institution, even if the pain gradually begins to go away. By the way, when cleaning already caught fish, too, it is necessary to observe security measures.

sea ​​ruff pictures

Despite the menacing appearance, the sea ruff,photo of which reminds of real monsters, is not just edible - its white and juicy meat is considered a real delicacy. From scorpion, you can cook many delicious dishes. Especially popular are the ear and ruff, baked in foil. Therefore, they often become a desirable prey for lovers of fishing or underwater hunting, because in view of their lack of mobility they allow you to swim close to yourself.