Politician Vladimir Rybak: biography, interesting facts

Vladimir Rybak - Ukrainian politician with a verygreat experience. He is one of those people who stood at the founding of the Party of Regions. Fisher Vladimir Vasilievich also became famous in other fields. Who he is, what he has done and what he is doing now are the questions that we will try to find the answer to.

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Childhood and early years

Vladimir Rybak was born in the postwar period,in October 1946, in the city of Stalino, now called Donetsk. His father Vasily Rybak is an ethnic Ukrainian, although Vladimir Vasilievich himself knew the Ukrainian language very badly and more or less mastered him, already holding high public offices.

After graduation in his hometown, he in 1961year he entered the Yasinovat building technical school. In 1965 he successfully completed his studies at this educational institution. The next two years he spent in the Soviet Army in the Moscow region, performing the duty associated with the emergency service.

Сразу же после демобилизации из рядов вооруженных In 1968 he enrolled in the Economics Faculty of Donetsk State University, which graduated five years later with a degree in economics. At the same time, he worked as a master of the Donetsk Construction Department No. 565.

Working career

Shortly before graduation at the university,Vladimir Rybak was appointed to the post of the head of the production and technical department of the construction management department No. 8. In that post he worked until the end of 1975. Then he worked for about two months as chief engineer of the construction department No. 1, but already in January 1976 he moved to a similar position in the construction department No. 5 of the SantechElectromontazh trust.

However, there he did not work long. Already in July, he moved to the post of deputy chief of the planning and production department of the special colony, which he occupies until September inclusive.

Party work

Since September 1976 Rybak Vladimir Vasilievichwas involved in leading work in the Communist Party. He is appointed head of the party committee of the Kiev district department of the city of Donetsk. In this position he is in August 1980.

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During his time, Vladimir Rybak showed himselfresponsible professional, so it was decided to send him to study at the Higher Party School, after which he could occupy higher positions. The training was held from September 1980 to August 1982. After that, he was appointed instructor of the department of organizational-party work. A year later, Rybak already holds the post of secretary of the party organization of the Kiev district of the city of Donetsk. At this post, he worked exactly five years.

Political activity

Since September 1988 Rybak Vladimir VasilievichHe holds the post of head of the local Kyiv district council of the city of Donetsk. At the same time, he heads the district executive committee of this district. In discharging his duties in these positions, he met the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the formation of an independent Ukrainian state in late 1991.

In November 1992, Rybak became the first deputy head of the executive committee of the Donetsk City Council. In this position he is until September 1993.

City Head

In autumn 1993, the city head of Donetsk(unofficially - the mayor) and the chairman of the local city council is Rybak Vladimir Vasilyevich. His activities in these positions are estimated rather ambiguously, although most Donetsk residents consider it more positive than negative. On the post of mayor Rybak replaced another well-known Ukrainian politician - Yefim Zvyagilsky, and held this post until April 2002. He was elected by a majority vote of the deputies of the city council, and there were no alternative candidates.

He was also a deputy of the Donetsk regional council, and in 1994 - deputy chairman.

Foundation of the Party of Regions

Rybak Vladimir is a politician whostood at the origins of the formation of the Party of Regions. In 1997, the Party of Regional Revival of Ukraine was formed. The declared goal of this organization was to support the regions of the country, and to give them greater independence. The main backbone of the party was made up of representatives of the Donbas. Its leader was Vladimir Rybak. In 1998, the party takes part in the parliamentary elections, but fails the electoral campaign, gaining less than 1% of the vote. However, Vladimir Rybak still ends up in the Verkhovna Rada after voting on the majority constituency, thus becoming a people's deputy of the third convocation. Nevertheless, he did not resign his powers as the mayor of Donetsk, although this was required by the legislation of Ukraine.

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In 2000, the party is considerably enlarged.Political movements of Leonid Chernovetsky, Valentina Landik and Petro Poroshenko are joining it. The last two co-chair with Vladimir Rybak. True, Petro Poroshenko soon withdrew from party affairs. The new association was named the party of regional revival "Labor Solidarity of Ukraine".

In 2001, the organization decided to change its nameto a shorter one. Now it is called the Party of Regions. At the same time, instead of Vladimir Rybak, the head of the tax administration of Ukraine Mykola Azarov became its head, and Vladimir Vasilyevich himself became his deputy. Since 2003, he headed the Donetsk cell of the party.

Work in the Verkhovna Rada

In 2001, Vladimir Rybak resigned as Donetsk mayor to fully concentrate on parliamentary and party activities.

In 2002 in Ukraine there are regularparliamentary elections. "Party of Regions" was included in the pre-election pro-government bloc "For Edu." Vladimir Rybak ran from this bloc in the majority constituency, and, having collected more than 60% of the vote, once again goes to parliament.

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In 2006, he is once again elected to theThe Verkhovna Rada. But in the parliament of the new convocation Rybak did not work very long, as he was invited to work in the government, in connection with which, according to the legislation of the country, he had to resign his deputy powers.

In the government

Since August 2006, Vladimir Rybak has beencharged with the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction in the government of his party member Viktor Yanukovych. However, in March 2007, from the last post, Vladimir Vasilyevich had to refuse.

Already in December 2007, in connection with the resignationViktor Yanukovych, Rybak was also forced to leave his job in the Cabinet. But just in autumn 2007, extraordinary parliamentary elections took place, in which Vladimir Rybak took part from the Party of Regions. As in past times, he did not make much trouble getting into the Verkhovna Rada.

Parliament speaker

In 2010, Vladimir Vasilyevich again becomesfirst deputy head of the Party of Regions. In the next parliamentary elections in 2012, Vladimir Rybak, as always, gets into parliament, running for this political force. In December of the same year, deputies elected him chairman of this legislative body.

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In the status of speaker of parliament Rybak stayed untilbefore the removal from office of President Yanukovych in February 2014. Then Vladimir Vasilyevich wrote a letter of resignation, which the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada supported by a majority vote. As a deputy, he resigned his powers in November of the same year, after the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Ukraine, as a result of which the deputies of the parliament of the seventh convocation ceased their activities.

Current activity

At the end of February 2014, Vladimir Rybak becameActing Head of the Party of Regions. In March, Viktor Yanukovych was denied the title of honorary chairman, and thus, Viktor Vasilyevich became again the de facto head of this political force.

It must be said that at the same time, the Party of Regionstoday is only a pale shadow of the political organization of previous years. After the removal of Yanukovych from power, many of its members withdrew from this political force. Even its former leaders, such as Yuri Miroshnichenko, Yuri Boyko and Boris Kolesnikov, ran for the Parliamentary elections from the new organization - the Opposition Bloc. In addition to this political force, the Our Region and Renaissance organizations were founded on the ruins of the Party of Regions.

The Party of Regions itself, like its leader VladimirRybak did not participate in either the 2014 parliamentary elections or the 2015 local council elections. In fact, Vladimir Vasilyevich is not currently involved in big politics.

Awards and achievements

Vladimir Rybak has a lot of achievements. The awards he received from various organizations partially reflect these achievements.

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Among his awards of the Order of Yaroslav the Wise, "Formerit ”1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. In addition, Vladimir Vasilievich since 2002 is an honorary citizen of Donetsk, and since 1995 - an honorary builder of Ukraine.

Interesting Facts

Although Vladimir Rybak received a higher education in the economic sphere, he worked in construction specialization enterprises.

His namesake Rybak Vladimir is a hero of Ukraine, a deputy of the Gorlovka city council, died during the unrest in the Donbass in spring 2014.

general characteristics

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So, we have learned who Vladimir Rybak is.The biography of this person has been studied in detail by us. We can say that this is a typical representative of the nomenclature, which began its activities in the party structures of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, he tried to make all possible efforts to be useful to the country in the posts he occupied.

Hopefully, in the future, Vladimir Rybak will still be able to serve the Motherland.