A toast on the New Year, birthday

Any feast requires the pronunciation of a beautiful speech.And it's not enough just to say "For health", I want to wish something really worthwhile. For this, a toast is a perfect match. This short story is instructive in nature, at the end of which it is necessary to draw a general conclusion, which will become a wish. A toast is a parable for any event and holiday.

toast of a parable

Congratulation for the New Year

At the New Year's feast,how good it is to leave all the bad in the outgoing year, that it's worth changing something, so that everything becomes much better than it was. The toast of the New Year is a great way to give your friends and relatives a gift that makes you think about yourself and your place in life.

Once Shakespeare said:"All life is theater, and people in it are actors." Indeed, how often can we be ourselves? We constantly have to hide under the mask that society has drawn to us. Many are ashamed to express their opinion or express their own ego. The New Year's toast is a story about how not to be afraid of yourself and your features.

toast of the parable for the new year

The faulty pot

Один человек каждый день носил воду из реки в two pots fixed on a long pole. One pot was intact and always "delivered" the required portion, and the second had a crack, because of which the water splashed and it managed to save only half of the recruited.

For many years, a person performed the samesame job. In his teacher's house, he always reported only two-thirds of the required amount of liquid. The whole pot was very proud and often boasted of its achievements. His companion was weak and sad because he had a defect.

One day a cracked pot decided to speak withhis master. He said that he was very ashamed of himself and of his appearance, and also of the fact that because of him a pupil can not bring enough water. Then the man replied: "When we go to the teacher's house, pay attention to what beautiful flowers grow on the road." And indeed, from the side where the cracked pot was hanging along the entire road, magnificent flowers bloomed. Then the man said: "For a long time I knew about your feature, pot, and therefore specially planted flowers along the road to bring them to the teacher and make him happy."

Everyone has his own shortcomings, but if you look closely, you can find dignity in them. So let us, in the New Year, throw all the masks aside and do not be shy about their true self.

On the transience of life

At the time of the creation of the world, God gathered himselfdog, donkey, monkey and man. And began to decide how many years to live. Monkey decided to give 15 years of life, the dog - 10, and the donkey - 20. Near the man, God thought.

"What age do you think a man should live in?" The man asked.

- I think enough and 25, - God answered.

- What? I am the king of nature, a rational being, I must live more, - the man was indignant. - Are you going to take away only your pathetic creature for 20 years?

- Well, I changed my mind, - God answered, - I'll giveYour age. But remember that the first 15 years you will be the same crook as the monkey, the next 25 years - it will be your real, human, for another 20 years you will, like an ass, carry your hump and earn it for food, and the remaining 10, like an old shabby dog, you will rush at all, trying to keep your possessions.

So let's drink to the fact that in the New Year the years of the donkey and the dogs did not come, and we remained in our human life until the end of the century.

toast birthday parable

Short joke-parable

For a big feast often want to cheerpeople. An hour later, everything seems to have ate, got drunk, and it's time for entertainment. And then it will be useful toast-parables funny with double overtones. We offer here this option.

A young jigit is riding in the desert, and next to himthe girl is his beloved. They jump a week, jump another. Lost the way. Both are tired, I want to eat, but nothing is visible in the desert. Suddenly - he meets a goat on the way. Dzhigit immediately decided to kill him. Aim carefully and fired, but missed. Shot again. And when the ammunition ended, he entered into a hand-to-hand fight with a goat. Yes, that swift caught, otbrykivalas, and rode away. Djigit with a girl were so tired and exhausted that they could not beat the goat and died of hunger.

So let's drink to ensure that on our life path never came across such stubborn goats.

New Year's toast parable

Toast birthday parable

Any toast birthday parable shouldbe sure to be addressed to the birthday boy. We can mention his virtues, desires, and what he has achieved. But the best thing is to build your wish so that it embraces everything together. One Eastern wisdom will help you create your unique greeting.

About full jug

One Eastern sage gathered his disciples andHe set before them an empty pitcher. At first he poured stones there, it seemed to everyone that he was full. But after that, the sage fell asleep peas, and the croup occupied the empty space between the stones. Then poured sand. At each stage, it seemed to the students that nothing would fit into the jug, but there was also water there. And only now the sage said that the jar is full.

Our life is like a jug.Stones - this is the basis - education, health. Peas are those things without which we can not do - home, family. The sand symbolizes those little things that life becomes even more enjoyable, but you can do without them. These are jewels, dresses, household items. Well, water is our environment, friends and relatives.

toasts are parables cool

I wish his birthday to be full, like a jug. So that the main place is occupied by basic values, that they are complemented by material benefits, pleasant trifles, and, of course, true friends.