Who is the husband of my husband's sister? We are sorting out the family hierarchy

Who is the husband of my husband's sister?Such a question often arises in a newly married wife. In addition to establishing family life, she now has to build contacts with her husband's relatives, including his sister and her family. Let's figure out who is who in this family tree.

Who is the husband of my husband's sister in kind?

Before answering this question, do notprevents you from finding out what kinds of kinship exist. There are 3 main groups with the following names: blood relationship, kinship by marriage (property) and close unrelated relations.

who is the husband of my husband's sister

The system of blood relationship includes the followingrepresentatives of the family organization: grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, granddaughters, nephews, nieces, great-grandparents, grandmothers. And also the founder of the genus, if known, called the ancestor.

The following relatives of the husband and wife form the group of relationship of marriage (property): brother-in-law, sister-in-law, matchmaker, svia, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The last system of relations is formed by the godparents, adopted, adopted and adopted, stepchildren, stepdaughters, stepfathers, stepmothers, named fathers and mothers.

Determination of the degree of relationship

Modern people do not always know the extent of theirrelationship when it is not necessary. Whereas it is always useful to know to "orientate" in your kinship ties, especially if they are extensive.

Note that the determination of the degree of kinship is possibleonly for the blood relationship group. Depending on the forming connections and the number of generations, it is graded into: blood relationship, consolidated, half-blooded, half-cousin, cousin, second cousin, grandchild relationship.

cousin's husband who has to

Marriage affinity - what is it?

Each of the spouses, if he, of course, is not roundorphan, has relatives. During the marriage, they become each other's relatives-related by marriage. With the termination of the union such relations cease.

Who is the husband of my husband's sister? We find out the answer

If your beloved husband has a nativesister, then she, first of all, is your sister-in-law. If she is in a marriage, then her husband is your brother-in-law, for all men married to sisters have this name.

Almost all of us have cousins, of whomwe really love and wish them happiness. Sooner or later they create their families, and her relatives then think - the cousin's husband who we have? He is exactly the same brother-in-law, since men married to sisters, even cousins, are called svoyaki.

Not only the spouse, but also the spouse may havesister. She, in turn, has to her husband's sister-in-law, and her husband, respectively, brother-in-law. Now you will know how the husband's name is called his wife's sister.

cousin's husband who has to

В качестве заключения хотелось бы добавить, что, by and large, it does not matter who does what to whom. After all, the main thing is good, if not too strong, but equal and respectful relations between the relatives of the new family on both sides.

As for the definitions, in modernthey are almost never used. It was accepted for the previous generations, today, due to frequent divorces and a freer relationship style, the use of this terminology in everyday life is absolutely not necessary.

However, it is always interesting to know: who is the husband of my husband's sister, as well as other members of kinship of a peculiar kind ...