Bradley Manning: photo, biography

Bradley Manning, whose biography is described inthis article, served in the US Army. In 2010, he was arrested because of a video from 2007, which shows how the military fired journalists in Baghdad (Iraq). Bradley was accused not only of transferring this material to the WikiLeaks site, but also of involvement in many other leaks of classified information regarding military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Where and when was Manning born?

Брэдли Мэннинг, фото которого можно посмотреть в this article, was born on the seventeenth of December 1987 in the small town of Chrisente, in Oklahoma. My father's name was Brian. He was a military man all his life and married a girl named Susan, who was born in Haverforduest, and later emigrated from Wales to the United States. Bradley's parents divorced when he turned thirteen. Mother took her son to her homeland, to Wales, in 2001. There he studied at the school in Haverforduest. After graduation, Bradley returned to his father in the United States again.

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Sexual orientation of Bradley Manning

Bradley was a homosexual since childhood.But being small did not yet understand this. He was embarrassed and concealed that he felt more like a woman than a man. Those around him who knew him noted that Bradley was always very closed and irritable, his passion became computers. And when he grew up, he did not hide his homosexual orientation from anyone. But is Bradley Manning a woman? So he, at least, believed and called himself Chelsea.

Army years

Manning dreamed of becoming a secret agent from childhood.Therefore, after graduation, in 2007, he went to the US Army. First he served in intelligence, then as a military analyst on a contract signed for 4 years. He completed physical training in Arizona and in 2010 was promoted to the title of specialist by the leadership. He continued his service in a new capacity in Iraq, based on the "Hammer".

But in the same year Bradley Manning was downgraded toPrivate 1st class. Because of a fight with a colleague. About his political views Bradley declare openly shy, because he was against the negative attitude of society to homosexuality. He did not like the war in Iraq and the actions of the Prime Minister of this state, Nuri al-Maliki. In addition, Manning believed that he was ignored in the service.

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Scandal due to video recording

In April 2010In the United States, a big scandal erupted because of the video posted on the WikiLeaks website, which has a "secret" stamp. It showed how the group of journalists, whom American soldiers took for terrorists, was being fired on in the outskirts of Baghdad.

Eighteen civilians died that day.On May 21, Bradley spoke with Adrian Lamo (a former hacker). Manning said that he gave the WikiLeaks site a scandalous video, as well as 260,000 more classified materials. Communication took place in the chat, and subsequently their conversation was posted on the Internet.

Arrest of Bradley

Lamo reported the news to the authorities, and twentyOn May 9, Bradley Manning was arrested. They placed him first in the American prison "Kemp-Arifzhan" in Kuwait. In July, Manning was transferred to another, which was in Virginia, on the territory of the military base.

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As the investigation showed, Bradley installeda special program on his computer, through which he hacked the secret networks of the Ministry of Defense and the US Department of State. Manning downloaded private files for sharing. Much of the secret information and diplomatic negotiations and was transferred to the site WikiLeaks.

Bradley Manning charged

In July 2010, Bradleyaccusation of keeping classified state information on a personal computer and transferring it to outsiders. In a conversation with Lama, Manning clearly stated that computer data protection was very weak.

WikiLeaks не подтвердил, что Брэдли является informant of the site. The company claimed that data collection takes place in such a way that even the editor does not know the names of those who provide them. And the sources, where the classified information appeared, the embezzlement of which Bradley was accused, were on the site even before the appearance of Manning in the US Army.

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The WikiLeaks site was offered to a young hackerlegal support and three lawyers are hired. Manning Bradley could contact only with them, and with the leadership of the site directly communication with the authorities forbade him.

In July 2010, the WikiLeaks portal publishedseventy-seven secret summaries. Manning began to suspect and in this huge leak of information. The military decided whether there was sufficient evidence of his guilt to send Bradley's case to the tribunal. The decision of the special commission was to be taken in August 2010.


The maximum period to which they could sentenceManning, could be ninety years old or be replaced by the death penalty. The first court hearing in the Bradley case was on February 24, 2012. Manning refused to answer questions about admitting his guilt. The trial lasted until March 15, 2013. The prosecution demanded that Manningu be sentenced to 60 years imprisonment for transferring classified data to third parties. But the support of lawyers and many public organizations insisted on easing the deadline, appealing that even with published private data, the accused did not inflict serious damage on either US citizens or the country as a whole.

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As a result, Bradley Manning, whose verdictwas announced by the American court, he received thirty-five years. The convicted person can receive the right to early release only nine years after the start of the sentence. Manning was demoted to rank and dismissed from the US Army. He wrote to the President of America, Barack Obama, a petition for pardon. Now it is known that Bradley Manning will be able to leave prison before his sixtieth birthday if his application for early release is granted.

Detention and reaction of society

The case of Bradley Manning caused the society differentreaction. Especially since information was often leaked to the press that his detention was far from civilized. Those who saw Bradley after his arrest, argue that his mental health is violated. He suffers constant humiliation, and he is under pressure.

Manning told his lawyer about hisconditions of detention. According to Bradley, he is held daily in solitary confinement allegedly to prevent a suicide attempt. The guards conduct inspections without any reason several times a day. During planned inspections, Bradley Manning is without clothes. Barack Obama in reply to this objected that the conditions of Bradley's maintenance are in accordance with the rules and standards adopted in the United States.

bradley manning wants to become a woman

In defense of Bradley came up quite a few differenthuman rights organizations, as well as Michael Moore (cinematographer) and Daniel Ellsberg, who is called the "Pentagon debunker." Even a separate network was created to support Manning. And near the prison, where he was held, there were constantly held meetings of protest in his honor. Already more than twelve thousand people contributed their donations to the fund created for Bradley. And this amount has already amounted to 650 thousand dollars. Of these, 15,000 came from the WikiLeaks website.

Bradley wants to change the floor

After the court verdict, Bradley Manning announcedhis desire to change the male gender to female. And voiced the name that he chose for himself - Chelsea Elizabeth. He said that from childhood he felt he was not a man, but a woman, but thought it was not normal. Therefore, he went to the army to prove his belonging to the strong sex. But he realized that he still feels like a woman, and nature played a cruel joke with him, placing him in the body of a man.

Lawyers prove that Manning suffers fromgender identity and is not homosexual. About his desire to change the sex Bradley said on the American television show, which he was a member. He asked to begin a course of hormone therapy immediately. When the New York Times and the Associated News learned that Bradley Manning wants to become a woman, they decided to henceforth call him Chelsea Elizabeth - the name that he chose for himself.

He asked his supporters to no longer consider himman. And turn to him from now on as a woman. As well as writing letters, already in a new name. In his written address to his supporters Bradley signed already as Chelsea Manning.

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Will the floor of Manning be allowed while he is in prison?

Thirteenth of February 2015.the court did not oppose that Bradley Manning change the sex and undergo the necessary hormonal therapy. But the military reminded him that this procedure is not done in prisons, let alone conduct such operations. Manning is also ready to pay for expensive hormone therapy alone. In addition, Bradley does not ask to be transferred to another prison, he is ready to serve his term in the ordinary male.

But still the rules are one for all.Prisoners are treated in the same way, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, rank, etc. All are equal. And for a surgical operation a person should be in the hospital, as well as with hormone therapy be under the constant supervision of doctors. What will happen to Manning further, time will tell.