Mossberg 500: specifications and photos

Pump shotguns in our country became knownin the late 80's and early 90's, when on TV screens the militants began to flit, in which "good guys" dealt with "bad", using, for example, the Mossberg 500. Incidentally, it was this gun that recently celebrated its half-century (!) anniversary.

mossberg 500
Since 1961, when the first trunk of thisbrand, has already produced more than ten million "Mossbergs." Why did the usual, seemingly, pump gun become a real symbol of the era? Let's figure it out.

Distinctive features

A distinctive feature of this particular gun isA fuse located on the back of the receiver. In addition, even from other pump guns Mossberg 500 differs exceptionally loud sound when you jerk the shutter. Moreover, the gun is capable of tangibly clanking with any movement, for which he was nicknamed a "rattle".

mossberg 500 custom
Initially, weapons were created as a simplified andcheaper remake of the shotgun Remington 870. The latter, in turn, is exactly the same ersatz shotgun Ithaca Model 37. Clanking and roar in many respects due to total savings on materials and technology: everything that could be cheaper and simpler (and even throw out of the construction ), has long been simplified. But this does not mean that the quality of the Mossberg 500 is comparable to some domestic carbines. No "fine-tuning of the file" is required. If during assembly some detail does not fall into size, it is simply sent for remelting.

Some shortcomings

But still, saving gives tangible side effects.After all, the gun is a complex pump-action shotgun. To simplify and reduce the price of the assembly, the tolerances of the parts are made such that even the AKM of the year 49 can envy. Sometimes it's completely unclear how, with the shots, the whole clanking design does not fly away! The cartridge is a worldwide standard of the 12th caliber, so there will certainly not be any problems with ammunition.

However, in the US are sold guns and other calibers,but they, for obvious reasons, did not receive special distribution. In this role played a high cost of such ammunition, and very mediocre quality of their domestic counterparts.

What can it be used for?

mossberg 500 gun
Suitable for almost all types of tasks, forwhich in general may require firearms: hunting, self-defense, police and military operations. However, there is an opinion that this model is still a weapon of self-defense and police, but not a hunting one. This attitude is due to the fact that this gun seriously "pogromyhivaet", but because of a sensitive and cautious beast, you will not be selected. But a colossal stopping force may well come in handy for those who like hunting wild boars.

In addition, it is quite suitable for hunting forwaterfowl. The peculiarity of this gun is that it was specially created as the most reliable and unpretentious. Considering that when shooting ducks you can dive a weapon more than once in water, this is a very important quality. Unlike much more expensive competitors, this "Mossberg" even in such conditions will work perfectly, there will be no pereklininiy, nor problems with the extraction of shot cartridges.

Of course, this shotgun is just perfect forshooting. Inexpensive, reliable, heaped, ammounted to quality ammunition, - what else is needed for a fan of mass plate shootings? Of course, someone can smirk contemptuously, but the tuned "Mossberg" is no worse than much more famous brethren, and in accuracy and accuracy of combat, he is inferior to them in the stock version.

About patents

At the beginning of the project, the company's lawyersrightly noted that the design of the gun is required to introduce some important changes, so as not to "get" on the suit from Remington. For this, the Mossberg 500 received an extremely modified shock-trigger mechanism. In addition, it was here that the same fuse appeared, according to which all modern "Mossbergs" can be recognized today. The first sample was released in late August 1961.

mossberg 500 tactical
Since then, this model is leading the segment of cheappump-action shotguns are almost unconditional. Despite some shortcomings, the gun received the glory of good and reliable, and this is confirmed by dozens of awards around the world. In addition, the reliability and slaughter of these weapons have long been appreciated by the police and military units, as well as their opponents. However, for the "men's work" the company has long been releasing special versions that are distinguished by the best fit of parts, a bunch of mounts for body kits, as well as a slightly different store.

About tuning

In addition, adepts are widespread throughout the world.Mossberg 500 Custom. Speaking in Russian, these are people who are engaged in tuning this kind of guns. And the success of them, frankly, sometimes really amazing! From the cheapest rifle (with proper straightness of the hands) it turns out such a weapon that is not ashamed to put into service the special forces!

Of course, financial costs are alsovary. It’s one thing to manually pick up and adjust the parts so that they do not rattle, and another to do the same, and even manually make fastenings for a body kit, put tactical lights, designators, and other “tinsel”. The price of such custom may be three times higher than the cost of the regular version, but this does not stop enthusiasts.

Basic design information

trunk mossberg 500
What makes the Mossberg 500 gun different?There are not so many features. This is a classic pump action shotguns, with a tubular magazine under the barrel, in which (depending on the version) fits from five to nine rounds. Manual recharging is performed by juggling the moving forearm through the window in the bottom of the receiver. The cartridge case is thrown on the right side. The fuse is easily thrown by the thumb of the hand that holds the handle. Locking the trunk is also no different special delicacies: it uses a swinging larva, clinging to the breech breech.

Сама ствольная коробка выполняется из aluminum alloy. There are dozens of different versions on sale, and among them there are even civilian modifications with a pistol grip. There was even a version of "bullpup", in which the store was located behind the trigger! Currently, there are about 17 varieties of these weapons.

Но особенным ассортиментом отличаются стволы для this weapon. As a rule, in the standard version they are drilled with a cylinder, but for some problems there are models with constant muzzle constrictions. In addition, you can purchase replacement chokes for the same purposes. But at the same time, we should not forget that you will definitely not meet the real police or military options in conventional gun shops. In general, the same can be said about the options stores.

The main advantages of weapons

 mossberg 500 butt
The main advantages - the cost and beautifulergonomics. The weapon is perfectly balanced. Since the design is widely used plastic and aluminum, the weight of the gun is not the most monstrous. The chamber and the barrel are made according to different technological cycles, with different quenching modes. In fact, this was done to reduce the cost, but as a result, it was also possible to increase reliability. Very convenient and intuitive fuse, which you can immediately understand whether the weapon is ready to fire.

Endurance and Reliability

Even the "rattle" is not alwaysdisadvantage, since the dirt just falls between the huge gaps of parts. Clanging while reloading is pleasant to many, as it sounds very impressive. Due to the huge allowances, there are practically no problems with improper extraction of bulged sleeves, and therefore the quality of the cartridges is the tenth thing. In terms of domestic prices for ammunition - an undoubted advantage.

In addition, even the Mossberg 500 Tactical, not to mentionalready about more simple modifications, even "old" brass sleeves for repeated reloading readily "burst". Given that even the domestic "Saiga" is not famous for this, this is another reason to buy.

However, the company itself recommends usingonly she recommended types of ammunition, but with such reliability gun it does not really matter. Of course, accessories for such a popular weapon are literally thousands. There are also models that are customized directly in the factory, produced by dozens of weapon companies in private and under license.

For example, in America itself is very popularMossberg 500 shotgun with an adapter for a sector store. The police are also eager to buy it, because during the shootout it is much more convenient to stick the “horn”, and not to bother with pushing rounds of ammunition.


Well, the gun was called “rattle” for a reason. Everything is staggering, and the play of many aesthetes causes a real cultural shock ... In addition, because of the extreme lightness, the impact is simply brutal.

Various improvements are also very difficult to make.In this regard, "Rem 870" - a real designer! On the contrary, the barrel of the Mossberg 500, for example, just like that just will not work. In addition, if you bought a model with an initially short magazine for five rounds, you can’t plug in an extension cord. No Well, if only you make your own half of the parts again. So with the purchase immediately decide the store exactly what capacity you need.

Difficulties only temper!

Of course, real enthusiasts have such difficulties.only tease. There are even such originals, which are attached to the sector stores to the stock Mossberg, even if only for this they had to redo half of the gun.

When installed pistol gripUsing the fuse becomes very inconvenient. Given that military modifications have recently become very popular, this problem is quite common. But there is a way out! On sale there are versions with a handle, located as if on the old gangster edges "Tommy Ghana". In this case, there are no difficulties, but such a Mossberg 500, the butt of which is not very convenient, is practically unsuitable for the same hunt.

Development prospects

In 2013, the company with pomp celebrated the sale10 millionth gun. Copies with jubilee numbers went to the auction for huge money. This proves once again that this weapon has many fans in all corners of the world.

mossberg 500 590
And let some weapon lovers scornfullycalled Mossberg 500 pump gun "rattle". The advantages of this shotgun is disproportionately greater than the disadvantages. Some experts say that this model is the fastest selling. In short, the classics of the genre. Excellent, unpretentious, reliable and inexpensive pump pistol Mossberg 500/590. What else is needed for happiness?