Focusing on the details of the photographer Andreas Gursky

This talented master is known to the whole world asthe author of the most expensive photo. He likes to shoot crowds of people, and his ambitious work is surprising in its size. True, there is no movement in his pictures, the author loves to capture the everyday world. The style of the artist is recognized among thousands of works: the shooting is made from a high point, and the texture of his pictures is almost tangible.

Grafted from childhood love of photography

The author of monumental photographs was born in 1955year in Düsseldorf. His father was engaged in advertising shootings, and the boy from the very childhood has absorbed love to this art, having mastered necessary skills and having learned all tricks of skill.

After school, Andreas Gursky gets acquainted withtraditional documentary photography in West Germany in a specialized institution. It was quite another art - everyday observation of ordinary life, devoid of advertising embellishments.

andres Gursky

During his studies at the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf, the gaining experience of the master acquainted with the founders of the German avant-garde, which influenced his future work.

First recognition

In the late 80-ies of the last century, photographer AndreasGursky won recognition of the public by unusual pictures, recognized as "compound", in which saturation was represented by color solutions and small details. Here, the author's style of the German genius, perfectly conveying the modern spirit of the time, was fully manifested.

The master in search of a new nature traveled almost the whole world and visited the most distant corners of the planet. He pays attention to details that have not been noticed by other photographers.

Gradually, the main theme of his work, relatedwith tourist sketches, changes to a new one. He is extremely interested in the industrial aesthetics of giant factories, office buildings, warehouses.

The main attention to detail

Andreas Gursky considers his task to showa rapidly developing world in which the human unit is nameless. From the very beginning of his career, the artist paid great attention to small details in panoramic filming, saying that "great and important is seen from a distance."

On the canvases of his paintings he conveysthe majesty of the world around us, choosing the right perspective. Large-scale works by Andreas Gursky represent an amazing transmission of worldly vanity that affects the mind of the viewer. Similar to small ants, people do the usual work in which their life goes on.

Landscapes as works of art

However, not only on a man accentuates hisclose attention author. He amazingly shows natural landscapes, and to convey the majestic beauty with a special scope, the author uses a large format of photographs, which can be printed under normal conditions only in parts.

About his work Andreas Gursky expressed himself quite definitely: "I do not take pictures of realistic nature. My creations are far from it. "


It is difficult to call it an ordinary photographer, because everythingthe artist processes his works in special programs. He immediately rejected the traditional forms of art and began to bring his work to the level of real paintings.

Scale work and play with the audience

Gursky, adored to work with large formats, stresses that his large-scale works should be viewed not only near but also from afar.

He seems to play with the audience, offering to catchinaccessible puzzle. For example, the well-known work from the Bangkok series with the image of a local river that fascinates with a smooth surface is very popular.

large-scale works of Andres Gursky

However, the purest water turns out to be dirty, in which plastic and paper debris float, and the viewer does not even understand why he did not see it at once.

The faceless human mass

The famous photographer Andreas Gursky plays withdifferent angles and shows what the ordinary human eye can not catch. He removes voluminous panoramas from a huge height or from a long distance, and in the pictures people appear as faceless creatures dealing with their usual affairs.

No one looks into the camera, and only at the maximum approximation can faces of a homogeneous mass be considered.

A genius who has killed himself

It is believed that no other photographerearned so much money on his work. The master, who once began to engage in the art of mapping reality, did not even imagine that his works would become known to the whole world, and for many of them he would gain a fabulous state.

photographer Andreas Gursky

Его снимок под названием «99 центов» в 2007 году left the auction for a truly record amount. Ukrainian billionaire acquired this work for the Kiev Art Gallery for more than three million dollars.

The most famous and expensive photo

Самой дорогой его работой стала картина, depicting the River Rhine between two dams (Rhein II). The gray sky above the water surface was brought to perfection in Photoshop, and although this picture did not impress many people, it was bought by an unknown person for more than four million dollars.

famous photographer Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky emphasizes his work ona certain detachment from life, showing reality from a bird's eye view. However, even the smallest detail does not elude his gaze. Thanks to a special static style, recognizable among many works, the master gained his fame, and his works have long been considered works of art.