The most beautiful figure in the world: the top 5

Beauty is a relative concept.Someone prefers beauty to the physical beauty of the spiritual. But to deny that girls with beautiful and slender figures arouse men's interest, it is impossible. Studies have shown that not all members of the stronger sex prefer thin people from the podiums. What is she, the most beautiful figure in the world?

Men's opinion

According to the results of the survey, the girl with the most beautifulThe figure of the world should have convex and rounded lines of the body, and not be excessively lean. Psychologists explained this fact by the fact that at a subconscious level, men consider outstanding forms a sign of good health, a peculiar predisposition to procreation. For this reason, the most beautiful figure in the world is the "Hourglass". The most famous owner of this build is Marilyn Monroe.

the most beautiful figure in the world

In the second place are thin little girls,reminiscent of French women, who create a very touching impression. Such ladies want to protect and protect men. "Bronze" in the figure of 90-60-90, because the body with a breast of moderate size and slightly hip females is very harmonious.

Excursion to the history

In any era, the desire to look likethe current standard of beauty, haunted women all over the world. But beauty is not only relative, but also changeable, its canons vary from decade to decade. It's easy to change your hair and wardrobe, but adjusting the body to the specified parameters is not an easy task, the more the standards of beauty change on average every ten years.

So, in the 50's Marilyn Monroe was consideredthe standard of beauty. In the sixties the ideals changed dramatically, the figure of the Twiggy model, which at the height of 170 cm had parameters 80-53-80, was beautiful, it was a figure, rather a teenager than an adult woman.

girl with the most beautiful figure of the world

With the advent of the 70's the most beautiful figure of a womanin the world again found feminine forms. The standards of the actresses are sex symbols, owners of long legs, tightened bellies and hips. In the 80's, during the birth of fitness, the most beautiful figure in the world changed again. Now everyone wanted to have a sports body with muscles. Women were equal to the first supermodels and to the singer Madonna.

In the 90's the trend continued, the championshipremained behind the sports models with roundness. Prominent examples for imitation of that time were supermodels Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. But this controversial decade, popular were also the androgynous type of figure and with excessive leanness, like the British supermodel Kate Moss.

In the 2000s, the most beautiful figure in the world becamefeminine and sexy. This is the time of the press cubes, tightened bodies and autosunburn. Girls all over the world tend to be similar to the models that participated in Victoria's Secret brand linen shows: Gisele Bundchen, Adrian Limu or Alessandro Ambrosio.

The current decade is different in that the canon of beauty has changed dramatically. Thin waist and very curvy hips - this should be a modern beauty.

The most famous women of the world with the most beautiful figures are Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. And you can both pump up the fifth point in the gym, and get it with the help of plastic surgery.

Top of the most beautiful figures in the world

Красивая и стройная фигура, вызывающая восхищение in men and envy in women, is daily work on oneself, healthy food and sport, and not just natural data. Certainly, someone smart body got from the parents, it needs only to be slightly supported in the form. But most women without sports and diets, unfortunately, can not do. Today's rating will tell not only about the most beautiful girls, but also ways of maintaining the beauty of the body.

Nicole Scherzinger

Former soloist of the group Pussycat Dolls, and nowindependent singer Nicole Scherzinger uses only healthy food. In her diet, vegetables and fruits, fish and lean meat. Sweets, she spoils herself rarely, when you really want. Such an excerpt can only be envied! Nicole goes in for sports with her personal mentor three times a week. He prefers jogging, dancing and yoga, as well as cardio training by the hour. The result of such a program can be seen in the clips of the singer. Nicole Scherzinger promotes a healthy lifestyle and often shares her secrets in TV shows and interviews.

the most beautiful figure of a woman in the world

Scarlett Johansson

Young mother Scarlett Johansson is naturally inclinedto completeness and has a small growth (164 cm). At the beginning of her career, the actress was a plump girl. Now keep yourself in the shape of Scarlett Johanson help a balanced diet and no burdensome exercise. She does not drink alcohol or smoke. Scarlett eats a lot of vegetables and fruits and does not abuse fast food. Physical exercises the actress begins with kardiorazminki, which lasts half an hour, followed by push-ups, squats and jogging.

the most beautiful figure in the world photo

Monica Bellucci

It's hard to believe that this woman has already passed herhalf a century! The Italian film actress is one of those lucky ones who have a chic body from nature. Monica has a rather high growth (176 cm) and far from canonical parameters 92-65-97. According to her, a tight working schedule and a crazy rhythm of life do not give her time to train. Monica does not follow a stable diet either. When you need to lose weight quickly before filming, she limits her diet to vegetables, fish and low-fat meat.

top of the most beautiful figures in the world


Barbados beauty claims that the secret of herslim and sexy figure is covered in a diet that consists of a kind of diet. At breakfast the singer prefers egg whites, pineapple and hot water with lemon, for lunch - fish and potatoes, for dinner - vegetables with fish. Rihanna has wide enough hips, her parameters are 90-63-102. The sport star does three times a week. Under the supervision of a personal trainer, she runs on the path and is engaged in step-aerobics. In this case, Rihanna has an active social life, she likes parties and night clubs. The girl does not hesitate to show her body in clips, on carpet paths and on provocative photosessions.

famous women of the world with the most beautiful figures

Jessica Alba

There is an opinion that Jessica Alba is the most beautiful figure in the world. Photos of beauty can be seen in almost all glossy magazines.

famous women of the world with the most beautiful figures

Мама двоих детей, имеющая фантастическую фигуру, she always eats half of the offered portion, and not a whole. The actress completely crossed the bread from her diet, limited the consumed carbohydrates, but occasionally she can please herself with an exquisite dessert. Four times a week Jessica is engaged in fitness. Her training begins with an intense load on the treadmill or exercise bike, followed by yoga. The actress considers, though the fine physical form also has helped it in the beginning of career, now the stereotype does not allow it to receive more serious dramatic roles.