Passion. What is passion and how to recognize it

The word "passion" is quite common today.It is not newly invented, as, for example, "laser" or "computer", or abstruse, rare. which can cause a lot of questions. But still this word, like any that characterizes the area of ​​feelings, has many otenkov, and it is worthwhile to sort out which ones.

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What is this feeling?

What is passion?The explanatory dictionary of the Russian language Efremova gives the following interpretation to this concept: "passion" is a strong feeling that arises on an instinctive level. This is a strong passion, craving or inclination to anything.

According to Dmitriev's explanatory dictionary, the meaningthe word "passion" is defined as follows: a strong feeling, a physical or sexual attraction of one person to another. It is also a healthy interest in some occupation, profession.

The explanatory dictionary of Ushakov defines similarly the term "passion". What is passion? This is a very strong sensual attraction that arises in a person unconsciously, instinctively.

Thus, after a literary analysis, it can be confidently asserted that it is still a feeling.

The seven most terrible passions of human beings

Also, quite often this term is used not to describe the attraction to man, but to describe his secret desires, which can not be curbed.

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These passions include the seven deadly sins of mankind. Many people know this legend. To the list of sins are: pride, gluttony, greed, laziness, envy, anger and lust.

Эти семь чувств и деяний потому относят к passions that they are rather difficult to contain. Each of us many times in our life was angry, sometimes unknowingly envied, or too proud of ourselves, gluttonous or lazy, this is a self-evident fact. And this is another criterion to understand what kind of feeling is passion.

Passion and love in adolescence

All people in life sooner or later learn the feeling of passion. And very often it happens that they confuse him with love. Why is this happening?

Especially often this happens at a young age,when young people and girls for the first time begin to experience feelings towards the opposite sex. Then adolescents confuse passion with love and often confuse themselves with it. After all, teenagers experience, rather, passion. What is the meaning of feelings at this age? In this case, they can be compared with love. It's like pink glasses. It is not at all about sexual attraction. Girls fall in love with boys, and boys in girls. But the real feeling of love they begin to experience in a more conscious age.

"Adult" passions

If we talk about adult people, it is worth noting that the passion of men and women manifests a little differently.

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Men in this matter are more violent andreactive. If a man experiences a passion for a woman, the object of his desire, then he is very quickly excited, the blood flows to the brain, figuratively speaking. The man tries to use all methods and methods available to him to satisfy his desire as quickly as possible.

But when a woman experiences a passion, herthe actions are more measured. Women tend to think a lot about different things and conduct analysis. Therefore, as a rule, the lady achieves the object of her desire less impulsively, is excited emotionally slower, tries to keep the situation under control, restraining passion. What this phenomenon can lead to negative results - she guesses.

Of course, sometimes it happens the other way around.People are different, and each in his own way can behave, uncharacteristically, regardless of whether the man is a woman or a woman. This is influenced by factors such as emotional and physical health, temperament, lifestyle or events that have occurred or are occurring in life.

How to recognize passion

As in adolescence, adultsalso tend to confuse the concepts of "love" and "passion." What is love in adulthood is becoming more clear. That this is not only fun, the eternal candy-bouquet period, but also the constant work on oneself, compromises, concessions and mutual understanding. But passion - a feeling more thoughtless and irresponsible.

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And often you might think that, experiencingan irresistible craving for a man, we love him. But you need to clearly understand that love is the spiritual closeness of two people, and passion is a feeling based on desire.

There are two basic differences of these feelings:

1) Manifestations of feelings.Of course, there is no relationship between people, a man and a woman, without passion. But there is a difference. If relationships are built on passion, then in such a tandem, as a rule, people do not take into account the desires of other people, but only their own, since passion is a selfish feeling.

2) Быстротечность.Passion arises quickly, and is able to “volatilize” quickly depending on various factors influencing a person. In most cases, when a person achieves the desired, the passion fades. This is its difference from love. But sometimes it happens that passion develops into a stronger and deeper feeling.

Thus, each of them can understand and set a framework for the concept of “passion” in a slightly different way: what is passion, craving, love, and what is true love.