Alexandra Nazarova: biography, filmography and actress's family

In the movies, she often got the roles of moms and grandmothers.This is the mother of Cyril in "Lullaby for a brother," and Sergei's mother in "Attempted Faith," and the mother of Cream in "The Lone Wolf," and the mother of the cadet in "Armavir." But still, the role of grandmothers brought him great fame: Grandmother Vano in The Secret Sign, Olga Belova's grandmother in the Brigade, Grandma Hope in The Freaks and, of course, the role of Grandma Victoria Prutkovskaya in My Beautiful Nanny, after which the actress has added tens of thousands of admirers among television viewers of different ages.

So, Alexander Nazarov, the so-calledthe serial grandmother. Now this name is on hearing almost all fans of soap operas. Many find similarities with her heroine traits in themselves. And this is absolutely no surprise to anyone, because all of her characters are so familiar, almost native to every spectator, as if it were a housemate or, for example, a sweet aunt.

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My beautiful grandmother

Alexandra Nazarova, an actress of the Soviet andpost-Soviet cinematography, never fought for the main roles in the projects. She gained second fame at a rather respectable age when she was over sixty, because it was Baba Nadia, the nurse Viki, who added a zest to every episode of "Beautiful Nanny", with the words of her role divided into quotations, as it was with the best Gaidayev and Ryazanov films - the treasury of Soviet cinema.


July 17, 1940 in Leningrad in the family of actorsIvan Nazarov and Alexandra Matveeva, a daughter was born, who was named Sashenka's mother. So she began to write her book of life of Alexander Nazarov, after all, a couple of decades will pass, and this girl will gain fame.

Parents served together in the Leningrad Newtheater (a little later it became known as the Lensoviet Theater). Together they acted in films. Shortly before the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War, the pope, Ivan Nazarov, went on tour to Vladivostok in the troupe of the theater. When the girls of the city - Leningrad - began to thicken black clouds of shots and explosions, my mother grabbed the baby in an armful, rushed away from there. They were incredibly lucky, because they managed to leave before the first days of the terrible blockade, which took a huge number of men, women and children to death indefinitely ... The family had to move from city to city many times. Being already in Nizhny Tagil, the Nazarovs heard the good news about the victory over the fascist invaders. Little Sashenka remembered this happy day for a long time.

"Nora", tour, institute, theater

About children of circus performers they usually say "born in sawdust". A little Alexander Nazarov was born in the folds of the theatrical scenes.It was there that her childhood passed. It was there that her debut on the stage took place. She was barely six years old, as she had already played her very first role. It was a play called Nora. During the summer holidays the girl joined her mom and dad on tours, covering the entire territory of the former Soviet Union. Often it happened that in the next class of September 1 a little Sasha with a huge bouquet of flowers walked to a new school.

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The whole life of her parents was dedicated to the scene.They knew how uneasy (but at the same time honorable and interesting) such bread. Therefore, Ivan Nazarov and Alexander Matveeva one friendly team opposed the fact that Alexander Nazarov, whose biography became interesting to many admirers of soap operas, also became an actress, repeating their way of life. The girl did not agree with their quite reasonable arguments and fears.

"I'll decide everything myself"

And so, when once again my parents left fortour, Alexandra entered the Leningrad Theater Institute named after Ostrovsky, who graduated quite successfully in 1961. After that, she became part of the Central Children's Theater troupe. Four years later, when Efros decided to go to the theater. Leninist Komsomol, a lot of actors and actresses also began to play on other theatrical stage.

the cause of death of the son of Alexandra Nazarova

By this time, Alexander Nazarov severalgrew out of children's roles. She dreamed of playing some serious role. To translate her dream into reality, she stepped confidently into the theater. Ermolova. It has been half a century, and the actress continues to tremblingly and gently to remain faithful to this theater.

It was on this happy scene for her that sheplayed a variety of roles - children, doctors, austriek. Her work, saturated with amazing talent, was noticed not only by critics, but also by many famous people. For the role of Carol in the play "Time and Family Conway" she was awarded admiration and gratitude from Viktor Astafyev. It was this performance that was recorded on tape and was broadcast on an infinite number of occasions on television.

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema ...

On the big screen, the actress came right aftergraduation from studies. In her debut tape, in which her partners were Andrei Mironov, Zhanna Prokhorenko, Evgeny Zharikov, Nazarova's heroine appears in the very first shots. Later, Alexandra Ivanovna was fortunate enough to share the set with Vitaly Solomin. And for the performance of the role of Sophia Perovskaya she was awarded praise from the very Konstantin Simonov. By the way, this is the most expensive role for the actress. The personal life of Alexandra Nazarova became brighter after the birth of her only and dearly beloved son, Dmitry. She even for several years left the profession, engaged in his upbringing. True, the theatrical stage did not leave.

Alexandra Nazarova's son

In the late seventies, she returned toSoviet cinema. Almost immediately, she was offered the role of a passenger of an emergency flight, who, before the plane landed, was looking for her son (by a strange coincidence, also Dima). This film, beloved by several generations of television viewers, is The Crew.

Serial life

It's time for innovations in the domesticcinematography. We began to shoot serials, which until recently were the prerogative of Western cinema. One of the first actresses who enthusiastically, with interest and joy decided to work in multi-series films, was Alexander Nazarova. Her filmography by this time numbered about sixty paintings, but she was absolutely not against increasing this list. She played in "Little Life" and "Thief", "Brigade" and "Return of Mukhtar", "Cadets" and "Black Goddess." There were many other interesting TV shows. And yet the greatest popularity was knocked on her when the first series of the humorous series "My Fair Nanny" began to appear on television screens. It was in it that she played the role of extravagant and direct woman Nadia - Nadezhda Mihailovna, beloved grandmother Victoria Prutkovskaya - Alexander Nazarov. The actress gained incredible popularity; children and adults looked forward to the release of the new series; she was recognized on the streets, said words of gratitude and asked for autographs.

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Now her heroines are increasingly - ordinarygrandmothers. But at the same time they are completely different: sick and tired, kind, intelligent and intelligent, erratic, slightly funny and constantly forgetting everything. And still, every heroine is loved by viewers.

Еще одна из несколько необычных и запоминающихся roles of Alexandra Ivanovna - the role of the mother of the main heroine of the Faith (the film "Princess on Beans"). This overly active elderly woman is in constant readiness to forget about her family, her daughter, and her granddaughter just in order to attend another rally or the meeting of her beloved party.

The voice of foreign TV shows, movies and cartoonsAlso interesting to this actress. Her voice now gives new life to children in films and heroes of various cartoons (she voiced the little ghost of Casper, the duckling in Disney's "Duck Stories" and many others).

Today, Alexandra Nazarova has three performances in the theater repertoire.

My son!

His first spouse Alexander Nazarov (sonshe died 5 years ago) for the sake of a new bright feeling, bright passion. The second marriage also ended in divorce, when the husband emigrated from the country of the Soviets, leaving Alexandra Ivanovna with their common child, the only son of actress Dima.

Alexandra Nazarova's personal life

The cause of death of the son of Alexandra Nazarova, howWhatever may seem strange and terrible, it is trivially simple. The mother did not have the strength to protect her beloved child from the influence of a bad company. Dmitry contacted not very good people and was killed. He was only forty-one years old.

New life with little Sasha

After his death, all his life of AlexanderNazarova, whose family now consists of only two people, dedicated her granddaughter to Sasha, named after her. Alexandra Ivanovna had to make incredible efforts to pick up the girl from the orphanage, where her mother passed her. The last few years, the actress has become accustomed to the role of a not very young mother, because that is what her little granddaughter calls her. But now they are two, and this is the most important thing for her.

Alexander Nazarov Films

In her 75 Alexandra Nazarova, whose films are still loved by many viewers, I am sure that everything about her, like that of the eighties film heroine, is just beginning.