Actress Elena Prudnikova: biography, best films, photo

Elena Prudnikova is a talented actress who manageddeclare themselves in the days of the Soviet Union. The star of Soviet cinema is most known to viewers as Ekaterina Tatarinova from the adventure film "Two Captains". She had other bright roles, although Elena preferred to play in the theater shooting. What is known about its creative path, "offscreen" life?

Elena Prudnikova: the biography of the star

The future "Katya Tatarinova" was born in May1949, it happened in Rostov-on-Don, where her family lived. The love of the theater Elena Prudnikova, according to her words, acquired in the fourth grade. This happened when the girl got into a drama club, working at the local Palace of Pioneers, hardly persuading the leader to take it.

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Like all children involved in the creative circle,Elena Prudnikova dreamed of leading roles. Fate presented the young actress with a gift when the performer of the main role in the play "The Snow Queen" could not come to rehearsal. As a result, Prudnikova not only replaced the girl for rehearsals, as she knew the words, but brilliantly played Gerd at the premiere, which he recalls with pleasure until now.

Elena was fond of not only theater, she achievedcertain successes and in the field of gymnastics. However, the question of where to go after school, for her never stood. The girl only dreamed of the Moscow Art Theater School, whose student she easily became, having received a certificate.

Work in the theater

Biography of Elena Prudnikova shows that the mostAn important place in her life was always occupied by the theater. After receiving the diploma of the Moscow Art Theater, the beginning actress returned for some time to her native Rostov-on-Don, yielding to the persuasion of Khudruk of the local drama theater. The performances with Elena's participation were very popular, however, the future "Katya Tatarinova" quickly realized that she would succeed only in the capital.

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In the Taganka Theater, whose actress ElenaPrudnikova was invited by Yuri Lyubimov, the rising star did not last long. She preferred to go to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, the artistic director of which at that time was Efros. The actress was not sure of the correctness of the decision, because the Khudruk had a favorite - Olga Yakovleva, who got all the main roles. However, Prudnikova's talent made a huge impression on Efros, so in his productions, she gradually began to play the central characters.

Shooting at the cinema

Elena Prudnikova - an actress who conquered the world of cinema,already being famous in theatrical circles. The debut for her was the picture "Gypsy", in which she received an episodic role in her student years. She also took part in the filming of the melodrama "Two Sisters", playing Lyusya, but she was not presented with spectator love by these tapes.

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Lotta Fischbach - the first bright role, the inheritedElena in a multi-series military-adventure picture "Variant" Omega. " Curiously, the famous actress Oleg Dahl insisted on starting the actress, who also starred in this film. Prudnikova likes to remember how she first got a chance to work with an outstanding master, which was already recognized by Dal.

To consolidate the success of the rising star helpeda multi-episode tape "Two Captains", filmed by Eugene Kareloff. The image of Katya Tatarinova, created by the actress in this picture, for many years has become her original business card. A loving, loyal heroine fascinated millions of spectators.

Return to the screens

В начале 21 века после продолжительного перерыва returned to the screen of the film star Elena Prudnikova. Films comparable in popularity with the picture "Two Captains", unfortunately, in her life more and never happened, but the directors were pleased to offer the actress interesting roles.

Fans of TV series can remember the star byTV project "The Right to Defense", in which she played Katya. Also worth noting is her tailor Madame Gorobets in the multi-part drama "Heavy Sand". Often the actress agreed to episodic roles, appearing in popular "soap operas": "Taxi Driver 3", "Kamenskaya", "Moscow Saga".

Personal life

The first marriage happened in the life of the actress, when sheShe received a diploma from the Moscow Art Theater School. With the chosen one, the star began to meet during school years, he waited for her return from Moscow. However, Elena quickly realized that she had made a mistake, since she and her husband were absolutely different people. The couple broke up peacefully.

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Andrei Smirnov is a man who reallyI fell in love with Elena Prudnikova, a photo of an actress with her husband can be seen above. The fatal meeting took place during the filming of the tape "Acting", the famous director was captivated by the beauty and talent of the beginning actress at that time. Andrei and Elena together for several decades. The couple has a common son, Alexei, following the example of his parents who connected his life with the cinema world. Andrew's daughters from the first marriage of Prudnikov almost replaced his mother, now she and Dunya call themselves best friends.

Unfortunately, the actress can not be seen in the new projects, since several years ago she officially announced her retirement.