Gisele Bundchen - biography. Personal life. Brazilian supermodel

Gisele Bundchen today is one of the richest,popular and famous supermodels. Where did this sexy Brazilian with long legs, appetizing shapes, sensual pink lips and wonderful blue eyes appear? Did she always want to be a star of the fashion industry? How was her personal life developing? And what is the life of one of the most popular models today?

Childhood Giselle Bundchen

The biography of the Brazilian supermodel is the embodiment of many girlish dreams, and a fairy tale begins from childhood.

giselle bundchen biography

As early as the 19th century, Gisselle's ancestors were forced toemigrate from Germany. They settled in Brazil, where she was born on 20.07.1980, Giselle Caroline Nonnemacher Bündchen. The small homeland of the supermodel is the small Brazilian town of Horizonte.

Giselle is not the only child in the family, she hasfive sisters: Graziel, Raquel, Raphael, Patricia and Gabriela. Relationships with girls from the very childhood are very warm and friendly. Sisters Bundchen all as one, beauties and also work in the world of fashion and podium. But no one could achieve the same success as Giselle. Her twin sister Patricia appeared in only a few commercials.

Brazilian models

Girls recall that Gisselle at school did not considerherself an extraordinary beauty. Then in a small Brazilian town there were few other standards, and a tall and skinny girl could not claim the title of beauty queen. According to Giselle, the boys from the school nicknamed her Olya (olive oil) for her growth and leanness.

In her school years Bundchen did not dream to break out inBrazilian models, she saw herself only in professional sports. The addition of her body and temperament perfectly combined with one of the most popular games in Brazil - volleyball. But fate decreed otherwise ...

A meeting that changed lives

Giselle with friends went to Sao Paulo.The young people decided to eat and went to McDonald’s. There was a turning meeting, which changed everything ... Fourteen-year-old Giselle was resting at a table, eating her portion and chatting merrily with friends when a man approached them. The stranger introduced himself as an employee of a large model agency Elite Modeling. He handed Giselle a business card and insisted on the meeting.

The girl, far from the world of fashion and dreamed of gloryvolleyball player, was forced to make a difficult decision. By the way, the father was categorically opposed to his very young daughter scoring her head with nonsense about the podium and photo shoots. Having thought well, the girl decides to go against her father and try her hand at modeling. Perhaps at that time she did not hope that Gisele Bundchen would be the most famous name in the fashion world. Her biography, however, from this moment begins to replenish victories, financial ups and a dizzying career.

Maybe someone will have a question aboutwhy she so easily abandoned the dream of becoming a professional volleyball player. Firstly, this decision was not easy for her. Secondly, what girl does not dream of becoming a famous model. And third, the main influence on its decision was the amount proposed by the representative of the agency (as in any large family, this issue was always acute).


Why is Bundchen So Fast Become the Most Popularand sought-after model? Maybe because it was very different from the bored images of the time. Maybe because before it the fashion industry could not find the ideal that would inspire the masters and fascinate the public. Maybe because her natural beauty, temperament and inner freedom were the breath of air that the fashion world needed. Or maybe she was just born under a lucky star. Whatever the cause, the result is obvious, today one of the most famous models in the whole world is Gisele Bundchen.

The supermodel biography is replete with the names of the most famous advertising companies, glossy magazines, shows, where Giselle worked.

tom brady

"Ralph Loren", "Versace", "Dolce and Gabbana",Valentino and other famous fashion houses were conquered by Bundchen. They fell in love with her at first sight and sought to get to participate in their shows and advertising campaigns.

The most authoritative publications of Vogu, Arena, Marie Claire and others dreamed of devoting the covers of their magazines to her.

Seven years (from 2000 to 2007) Giselle was an angelVictoria`s Secret. This is one of the most famous companies selling lingerie. Angels of the models of this company are called because of the unusual, beautiful wings with which they appear at every show. Brazilian models are one of the most sought after in the fashion industry, and often it is the Brazilian women who become angels (Falavia De Oliveira, Isabel Goulard, Isabeli Fontana, Caroline Trentini, etc.).

Beautiful, ambitious girl could not passpast such a direction as cinema. In her track record there are two films in which she played small roles: “New York Taxi” and “The Devil Wears Prada”. Giselle was not going to be serious about the movie business, she just tried it out of curiosity.

Personal life

Roman Giselle with cinema was also short-lived,as a novel with one of the most popular actors Leonardo DiCaprio. Young people met for five years, but it never came to a wedding. Many fans were upset that their relationship did not work out, they were a great couple. People magazine in 2004, the most beautiful couple recognized it DiCaprio and Gisele Bundchen.

di caprio and giselle bundchen

Despite her beauty and sex appeal, Gisellestands out modesty and decency. Never have the media been full of headlines about her tumultuous or impetuous novels. She always holds with dignity and pride, self-esteem in this beautiful Brazilian in blood.

A few years after the break with DiCaprio, the girl met her future husband.

A family

The tale in the life of Giselle continued, and anotherHead became familiar with his beloved. Once on the eve of Christmas, an already well-known and wealthy model was visiting old friends. One of her friends suggested she meet a nice guy, besides the famous American footballer Tom Brady (who was also invited).

Giselle recalls that, seeing Tom for the first time,I could admire his charming smile and all the time was afraid that she would lose sight of him. Tom Brady admits that he has never met such amazing eyes as his wife’s. They realized that they were made for each other, and they were lucky enough to experience love at first sight.

Two years they met before Bradmade an offer to Giselle. Today, they have a son, Benjamin, and a little daughter, Vivian. By the way, Gisselle gave birth to her firstborn at home in the bathroom under the supervision of her mother and sisters.

Of course, not everything was rosy in their lives.Even before the wedding, the former passion of Tom, American actress Bridget Moynahem, said that she was expecting a child from him. Brady recognized the child, and today he spends a lot of time in the family of his father, Giselle and their children.

Bundchen sisters

Five years after the wedding star coupleLooks very happy. They do not cease to dissolve in each other. According to Giselle, the family, the husband, the house, the children and their love are the most valuable things in her life.

If we talk about material values, it is worth noting that the couple Giselle and Brady - one of the most wealthy in the opinion of the magazine Forbers.

Good soul Giselle

Bundchen leads an active charityActivity: sells jewelery at auctions, leaves autographs on auction gadgets, lists donations, is withdrawn for special editions designed to attract public attention, and much more.

Giselle was able to bring enormous benefits to various hospitals, organizations and just people who were in difficult life situations.

Although in her address sounded criticism from the defenders of nature, when one of the shows on her was wearing clothes with elements of fur.

There is a fairy tale, you just need to believe it againproves Gisele Bundchen. The biography of the Brazilian supermodel is filled with bright, magical events. I'd like to believe that the continuation of the tale of a Brazilian girl will be just as magical.