What are they, Viking tattoos?

The modern world is too boring, because scientificprogress leaves fewer and fewer places for miracles and magic. Many people are fond of the history and culture of disappeared peoples and civilizations. It's no wonder that Viking tattoos are so popular. How do they look and what do they mean?

Who are the Vikings?

Viking tattoos
Vikings call the ancient Scandinavian people,inhabited the most northern part of Europe. Today, this territory is occupied by Sweden, Norway and Denmark. There is evidence that the Vikings were very developed for their time a nation with a rich culture and a large number of classes. Unfortunately, detailed information on traditions and classification of symbols has not reached our days, there are only general knowledge about the beliefs and way of life of this people. It is also not known for certain whether the Vikings' tattoos were popular in ancient times. But most historians believe that the technology of drawing long-term drawings on the body of the population of Scandinavia could.

Basic Symbols

At the word "Viking" the majority of the townsfolkrepresents a tall, bearded man in combat armor and a helmet with horns. But in fact, most of the representatives of this nation preferred to wear comfortable and warm clothes without unnecessary ornaments and frightening elements. Great popularity among the Vikings used a variety of mythical symbols. These are crosses, interlacing curls and knots and whole ornaments of them. Look at the tattoo of the Vikings (photo) - one of the most popular symbols is the triskele (tripod). It is a powerful magic sign consisting of three spirals having a common origin. It is believed that this sign symbolizes the unity of the forces of nature and natural balance.

Popular sketches

The Importance of Viking Tattoos
Modern tattooing vikings are imageswarriors, sometimes even whole scenes of battles, traditional weapons, ships of the sea and Celtic patterns. An interesting detail - the faces of the warriors are usually performed with harsh expressions or with steel calm and age-old wisdom. Do not forget about Scandinavian mythology. Along with mystical signs and deities, the Valkyries (warrior-maidens) are often depicted. Particularly popular are the stories in which they take the soldiers who died in battle into the realm of the dead - Valhalla. Popular and all kinds of monsters, mythical creatures. If you believe archaeological finds, this symbolism is often found on the flags of ships. The traditional tattooing of Vikings with images of birds and sea waves is supplemented. In complex sketches, each of these symbols has its own special meaning. Perfectly complement this style in the modern art of rune tattoos.

And were the Vikings themselves a tattoo?

Viking tattoo photos
Accurate evidence that the Vikings are massivelydecorated their bodies with ornaments, no. However, based on some legends and stories that have survived to this day, it can be assumed that the Scandinavian people really knew how to apply tattoos and enjoyed using this skill. And if the modern meaning of the Viking tattoo is power, purposefulness, courage and courage, then the Vikings themselves certainly put a different meaning in the applied tattoos, if at all. Magic and mysticism were present in this people in everything. The Vikings gave their ships special names that were supposed to protect them from drowning and unsuccessful battles, conducted various rituals, indulging gods and mystical creatures. On the basis of this, it can be concluded that, most likely, a representative of this ancient nation would like to have on his body a tattoo-amulet or an image of any important sign for himself.